What's your profession?

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    HIGHRISK Member

    Problem is every time I invested in cocaine I ended up broke,stuffy nose,wide awake and no cocaine
  2. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    No shit... that stuff has a way of disapearing... worse come down of any drug imo.... but the sex sure is interesting
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  3. ickyrica

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    interestingly unadmittable if it's done correctly!!
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  4. SmallWoody

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    Would that be a good pickup line?
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  5. SmallWoody

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    I am a pet food tester for pedigree
  6. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Pigs or cows..
  7. ickyrica

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    the dude from beerfest, he had to masturbate frogs ;)
  8. DedLift

    DedLift Member

    You're thinking too big. Smaller cages
  9. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Dogs? Cats? Hamsters?? Mice? How the duck do you ai a mouse?
  10. DedLift

    DedLift Member

    Are you sure you want to know? Kitty porn
  11. Ryno1980

    Ryno1980 Member

    Lmao... u know I wanna know
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  12. John Daley

    John Daley Member

    I work compliance for a company that provides corporate services, manages corporate bank accounts, provides registered offices and all sorts.... its astonishing how much money gets thrown about.
    All for my brilliant 16k GBP a year woot!
  13. mranderson30

    mranderson30 Member

    Pharmaceutical Rep here. Nothing of interest as it pertains to this site/ forum.
  14. Switcher

    Switcher Member

    Criminal Defense Attorney.
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  15. yung autismo

    yung autismo Member

    I cuddle with fellow men for $100/hr or quick dick suck for $50. Good money. I rake in about $600 in two days.
  16. pumpingiron22

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    Janitorial Contractor.
  17. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Stick around man.
    There's lots of work for you here lol.
  18. Tire specialASS / Tire sales and services
  19. grey

    grey Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    General purpose nerd and professional writer (far more boring than what you are thinking).
  20. ddp7

    ddp7 Member

    will be a great lawyer with a nice sixpack..in the future hope that