What's your profession?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by BigGuy1888, Nov 27, 2016.

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    The man who went years on meso without commenting on or liking not one chick photo and obviously stays away from such discussions. And you expect us to believe you all of the sudden like pussy? LOL LOL Ok!!
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    I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial encemination
  3. ronin17

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    The question wasn't, "why are you currently incarcerated?"
  4. Les

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  5. ronin17

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    @Les say it aint so!
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  6. Les

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    Hahaha it ain't so. I just figured it rolled with the thread.
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  7. ddp7

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    There are 4 cents for hour.
  8. MFMC

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    Automotive Executive
  9. Sk8man101

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    Is that meant to be a Seinfeld joke? Either way it its awesome!
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  10. Les

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    Hahaha. Yep Seinfeld
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  11. Dizzy

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    I fix restaurant Equipmnt
  12. Masters Power

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    Shoe Salesman at a mall store in Omaha.
  13. Mbell4377

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    I have a LCDC license with the state I live in, that should be enough to figure it out

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  14. Quit my job as a "john" to go back to school to become a stagecoach driver.

    Those horseless carriages you guys zip around in are just a passing fad.
    You'll see, you'll all see!

    If that doesn't pan out, i'm thinking old timey alchemist. i think i could turn lead into gold if i really put my mind to it.
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  15. XKawN

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    I work at macy's in the mall in Cupertino, ca. Men's shoes department.
  16. ickyrica

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    technology dork with a main focus on A/V & automation of.
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    I hate cocaine!! But love the way it smells!:D
  18. tweek

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    Pipefitter in the oil refinerys
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    Perfect... I'm thinking about using a qtr gram shot of cocaine as a pre workout... :D
  20. Ryno1980

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    I flip houses... and I have a couple rentals... and I work at a pig farm... I'm a busy guy.... maybe I should invest in some cocaine
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