What's your profession?

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    "Your honor, I object!" shouted @ddp7.

    The judge squinted over her glasses, "On what basis?"

    @ddp7 ripped off his shirt and tie proclaiming, "On da basis of deez razor abz baby!"

    Case dismissed. Obviously.
  2. ddp7

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    loooool very good sir
  3. Demondosage

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    What is your profession? "HAOO!!!HAOO!!! You see friend? I brought more soldiers than you"
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  4. ddp7

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    Whats the meaning of this post? A chinese joke?
  5. Demondosage

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    It's from a movie called 300
  6. ddp7

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    haha understand
  7. Logan44551

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    Insulation installer in the carpenters union
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  8. JimLahey

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    trailer park supervisor.
  9. master.on

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    Best show ever created
  11. master.on

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    Are you Coke scent teste?
    like this, only with coke


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  12. master.on

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    Did you mean professional source shill?
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  14. NewTEX

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    Frac valve tech
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  15. 8654

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    Door Gunner on a Space Shuttle.
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  16. Catch_Dee

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    Must fucking hurt your balls.
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  17. Savagesteve

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    Nope, they're 35'+ and wood :D
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    I'm sorry but this thread has some solid jokes in it lol.
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  20. ickyrica

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    Professional football player, obviously
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