Who else made out?


That's just your opinion though. Plenty of people have said that about other alt coins and been proven wrong so who knows really.

Fair enough but if you look at market cap and what would have to be put into ripple to get it over a dollar is enourmous
There are far better options for making money


Right...and as more of these big companies continue to accept it as payment..the value will only rise...bitcoin will rise a lot more if Amazon and other big chains accept it..or even cryptocurrency for that matter..I think this is definitely something worth getting involved with for those who haven’t yet.


I got 129 litecoin way back when..... I made 30 grand in the last few days. And that just litecoin. I also just got a bunch of ppt. Let’s hope it goes up a little as well.

Between my three big crypto investments I may be Looking to cash out soon and buy some land.