Wifey’s first primo run

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids - Open to Everyone' started by puckhog, Mar 30, 2019.

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    I hope neither of you grunt.
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  2. puckhog

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    4 weeks in. Things are going well. I am a little underwhelmed at progress so far but she is still making progress nonetheless.
    We decided to bump to 25mg twice per week of primo. No unwanted sides so far.
    I am going to add in 2iu GH fasted AM and staying fasted for 2/3 hrs post injection. We will see where this takes us.
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  3. puckhog

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    Down 3.5 lbs at this point. Added in the GH. Have been running 1.5iu AM fasted. Will bump to 2iu in a week or so. Losing fat in places and looking more muscular in spots as well. She is happy with her progress so far. She told me she hates her arms though cuz they are big. Her triceps are really strong and honestly she has better genetics for tricep development than I do. When she flexes them I am little jealous.

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  4. Iron Vett

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    Your wife is making fantastic progress!!
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  5. Roco Bama

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    Her arms are pretty damn big for a woman. Lucky her
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  6. puckhog

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    Drum roll please..........
    This is 5.5 weeks in on the primo with 1.5iu GH for 11days AM fasted.
    She is killing it!! She has lost fat damn near everywhere. The best part....only a 2.5lb scale difference! She was stressing out cuz the scale wasn’t moving but clearly results are happening. Thanks for looking. @Kim

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  7. T-Bagger

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    Major difference!
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    Has she been on the GH for 5.5 weeks as well?
  9. puckhog

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    Just 11 days sir
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    What do you attribute it to? You think the GH, Primo and diet are all working together? I was of the understanding that GH takes a few months to take effect, so I’m wondering if it’s just the Primo, diet and exercise.
  11. puckhog

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    I agree 100% that the GH had very little to no effect at this point. Diet, lifting, and primo. No cardio done at all.
  12. T-Bagger

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    Hell, even the primo probably only had about a week or 2 to kick in, which means she was kicking ass on her own for the most part.
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    Damn, wife looks great man! Anything else on the test levels?

    What exact cream is she taking? Andro-gel and even the sub-buccal test raised my levels so minor

    Wouldn’t think that that cream would jump it up that high
  14. Kim

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  15. puckhog

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    Thanks bro. She was taking a compounded test cream(prescribed) that we immediately stopped when we saw the hight test levels.

    Drew new labs this week, waiting on results.
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    Dude send that shit my way! Bet the absorption is great On the taint!
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  17. puckhog

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    Supposed to go in the rectum or rub it on your gums like cocaine.
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  18. Demondosage

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    That's a little light on the primo, even for a female that's nothing. I always had chicks hit 100mg per week and just inject once a week, I've seen some great results in females from that dosage
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  19. puckhog

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    Thanks for your input. I will definitely keep that in mind next run. I (we) were not sure what to expect from it and how her body would respond. Was 100mg for bulk or cut sir?
  20. estp

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    Damn, I'm 'mirin! That's great progress for 5.5 weeks!

    I agree with your posts the GH probably hasn't had any effect on things yet. At the end of the day I do fully believe it comes down to your own efforts put in (diet/exercise) and steroids or peps just help us either achieve our goals a little faster or surpass our natural limitations. So mega props to your lady ! I'll put this thread on watch, excited to see if the GH adds anything for her and in general love to see this kind of effort/progress documented.

    Laughed a little at the extremely 'helpful' doctor. :rolleyes: Got too many of those type 'round here too. Good to hear she hasn't had any unwanted sides, though!
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