Wifey’s first primo run

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    I hope it's not too bold of me to chime in here (I don't have coaching experience like Demon so take my opinion with a pinch of salt!), but I've always, always felt lower-dose to start is the best option for any woman who doesn't want to risk virilization. Especially if we don't know where her bloods are at after stopping the test since that doctor didn't request new bloods (apologies if I missed an update since then).

    Starting around 50mg every week (shes doing 20mg twice a week iirc so about that?) for primo E is definitely a decent dose in my opinion! But I won't deny that moving up to 100mg if the sides are well tolerated isn't a bad idea, I just think her current dosing is perfectly acceptable also! :oops: :p
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    Better do rectum just to be safe. PM me for deliver options
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    I appreciate the thoughts. The more the better!
    And you are correct, no new bloods yet. Should be in tomorrow or Monday. Anxiously awaiting the results.
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    The best thing here is to KNOW IT'S real primo. That sounds like sort of the bottleneck of the situation, the wonder abt how 1400ng of test is possible
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    I think we all think the same thing but don't want to say it sometimes , "what if a source gave me primo or Deca and it's really just low dosed test?"
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    I can definitely agree that's a real fear for anyone!

    :D Hopefully those bloods will shed some light by Monday.
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    How was their virilization at that dose?
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    The very first pin was Pharmacom Primo E. I injected .25mg the morning of her bloods. IMO if it was testosterone there is no way it is going to crank out a 1400 test score of .25 just hours after injection.

    I immediately switched to Bayer primo in amps though.
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    I personally have a lot of trust in Pharmacom for being female-friendly as a past customer of theirs (not trying to shill or anything, and I know nothing is 100% when you're buying from UGLs, but still. Meso is actually where convinced me to try Pharmacom years back.), so I assume that first Primo E was pretty "legit" anyway.

    From everything you've said it 100% sounds like the original bloods were a result of the test cream and potential other random factors. My main concern was, if there's a chance her test is up for other reasons, then obviously adding the Primo ontop of that heightens virilization chances (don't personally imagine your Primo is secretly test or anything like that, but I can agree with Demon's statement that lots of us will always have that little fear whenever we try/buy something!)

    I took Demon to mean that my saying 'women should start low at first for any steroid' comes partly with the fear that, when you are buying any steroid for women, there is a chance it's not what you think it is (so doing a larger dose when it's possibly not-legit could be a bigger oopsie than a larger dose when you know it's legit). Sort of a generalization, I guess, instead of saying that your wife is taking fake primo... :p Either way, you'll have (hopefully happy!) bloods soon~!
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    Yea, my bet is on the test cream as well.
    For all I know her test levels were 1400 for a couple/few/several months. There is no way to tell cuz we only run bloods every 6 months. Oh well. No harm done. No virilization whatsoever. I would not forgive myself if she started losing hair!!
    Also, I do think pcom does a good job with proper dosing of products. They have tested well on AL for a while now.

    Are you currently running anything @estp ?
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    Yeah, exactly. And if there's no virilization or other negative sides so far, then it's not a huge worry. Just reason to take precaution, which you have been!

    Luckily I think most virilization, if you know what to look for and are looking for it, is easy enough to dial back for girls on most substances (ie. just quit taking it and you're 'safe'). primo e might have a longer half life than some of the female-safe orals, but I don't think 5-7 days is long enough to worsen damages too much if she did need to drop it because a noticing of sides. not like mens cycles where you need to more heavily consider pct etc when you drop a cycle.

    Right now I am just running my usual 10mg/day var cycle (on week 2). I was recently diagnosed (despite me telling doctors I was certain this was the problem for 2+ years) with hashimotos (causing hypo thyroid) after having a period of inactivity where I could do nothing more than sleep 24/7. Made me practically narcoleptic. So I am trying to get back some of that time I lost to it, lol. MT2 also is helping (iirc MT2 is supposed to assist with insulin sensitivity, something that hashimotos apparently slaughters, so I believe that to be why I feel 'better' on it). So far so good and I think I'll hit my goals by July-August at the very latest. But my cardio is suffering right now, from what I suspect to be high BP (checking that out on Monday).

    Seeing your wife's progress, it's making me think I should've been doing a primo cycle, though... :p
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    @estp thanks for the kind words, I will tell her.

    Are you in the medical field? You either have years of exp with PEDS or you have a formal education,lol. You seem to be well versed in things not common to the public.
    On any T4/3 for the hashi?
    It sounds like you were stage 3 before the docs finally figured it out?!
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    Hahaha, you are flattering me too much saying something like that, now. I'm just a loud ass who has spent years arguing on other 'roid forums and reading med studies as a hobby. I wish I could claim such an education.

    I'm on T4 right now but the doctor wants to "take it slow", so we started at the very lowest dose and then we bump it up to the next lowest dose every 6 weeks (that is when she gets a new blood test ordered). I understand the reason for 'taking it slow' but it is rather frustrating, particularly when she has said things like 'holy crap, your blood levels are insane, how did we not have you on medication sooner?!' (hint: it was because you guys tried to say maybe I just had bad sleep hygiene when I listed all of the symptoms of hashimotos...). My (amateur) understanding is that hashimotos causes a lot of damage before that damage shows up on blood tests as TSH issues, hence why they took so 'long' to believe me. In spite of this, I argued that my levels were still very off each time, and I received 'well... we can't treat it til they're REALLY, REALLY bad.' -- new medical standard for my province, it seems. I thought this qualifies as "stage 4" (needing very high thyroid antibody/tsh numbers for diagnosis), but since she's taking a 'slow approach' to medication I assume that means it was still stage 3? not horribly familiar with the 'stages' and haven't had any medical professionals refer to my case by them.

    (If you can't tell from my paragraphs of ranting, I am still a little peeved about this. I apologize for the giant blog in your thread, lmao!)
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    No probs about the long post. Someone reading this may be able to relate! I hope your doc can find a dose that works for you. Any talk of removing your thyroid?
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    I hope so too! I'm sure everything will turn out well in the end, anyway. I'm more optimistic than my ranting makes me out to be, haha.

    &No talk of that yet, no. My understanding is hashimoto's generally has more risk involved than benefit when it comes to thyroid removal, so it's avoided. (Don't quote me on that though, take that as a bro-science tier knowledge level...) :p
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    Canadian medical system is shot...move to America get some tgi up in ya
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    Lmao. I'd love to argue against it, but yeah, our medical system is pretty garbage in a lot of respects. My province in particular has one of the worst in Canada, apparently. :rolleyes: Watch any random episode of House MD and you'll be better off getting your diagnosis it seems...

    But I don't know if the USA is the pinnacle of medical success I want to aim for.....

    (inb4 a doctor reads this. :oops: I'm sorry, eh. Don't blacklist me from narcotic prescriptions.... :p)
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    There was none at all. She was running 2iu a day of HGH and 100mg a week of primo pinned once a week. When I saw her 20 wks after she began the cycle I wanted to fuck her brains out!!! She LOOKED REALLY GOOD!
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    Did she run the cycle for 20 weeks?
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    She ran the HGH 20 weeks, the primo was only ran for the first 10 weeks though
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