Working out on your period

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    That's right around the corner for her so that's probably why I've heard it.
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    Great info Millard, I appreciate it. I was curious if there were any quick fixes for leakage more so, but it seems like she just needs to get with her doctor to see what’s available medicinally. Thank y’all! I’ll pass the message to her.
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    How'd you like the anadrol? What dose did you use?
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  5. I did lowest amount first and then after a month went up in dosage. I loved it
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    What were your results with the Anadrol? Lasting muscle hypertrophy? Any major sides? What affects did it have on mental state and hunger? Any significant changes in libido?
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  7. It helped tone me I loved combining it. The affects of it weren’t severe but I would feel tightness around my muscles, soreness, but my moods would change. When I took too much Var at first man I was cranky but I lowered the dosage plus adding it with Drol I felt better but of course people are different. And not really no until I did Winnie then I started to see more results
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    I'm thinking about trying it next. :)
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  9. Girl do it!!!
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    What was your starting and ending dosage on Adrol?
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  11. I honestly don’t remember it’s been 2 years since. But I plan on using the lowest dosage first to see how I do on it. Honestly I’m scared to do Var & Winnie together but we shall see how it goes
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    Var & Winnie should be a winning combination. You could even try alternating them two weeks on, two off or better yet, alternate Winnie & Drol that way.
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    Be sure to document it all. There aren't a lot of before and after logs for women with dosages, etc.
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    Isn't there a lot of risk of vitalization with Winnie?
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    Every compound is dose dependent and your own tolerance in regard to sides. Some women get crazy sides from the smallest amounts where others can do high doses and have no negative sides from it.
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    Women and Anadrol. I personally start with 12.5mg a day and increase to 25mg a day. 6 week runs. That's also what I typically recommend for women.
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    Thank you!
  18. I was thinking about doing that honestly
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  19. Agreed. I plan on logging everything down this time
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    I agree with Millard, periods are over rated!

    Personally, I tend to run gear at small enough doses that it stops my periods pretty quick. As Millard's links prove, I've run compounds for most of my life at this point and my lady parts have always been good and functional. I've also opted in to have an IUD put in which also helps with lightening the duration and volume of my periods. Mind you, I get them maybe twice or three times a year now. Lol ...voluntarily decided to halt them by the use of a little "something" lol