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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by master.on, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. ickyrica

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    Epic first post
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  2. Mauler

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    Haha long time lurker. Was meant to search but accidentally wrote a post instead.
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  3. Matty G

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    Sick avatar breh. Love me some Tool
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  4. XKawN

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    The jam, right here.

  5. Matty G

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    hell yeah bro! saw em in St. Louis january 2016...fuckin incredible. Would have seen A Perfect Circle on 4/20 this year if I wasn't in jail lol . rock on dude
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  6. Scottyhash74

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    Missed them last summer due to be locked up too!
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  7. Matty G

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    Haha, didn't like that post, but that's ironic!! Glad we are both out and free now tho!! APC is coming out when new material too!! Bring on a new album :)
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    Hey Matty,
    got me over the 3 day holiday weekend on a punk 10.00 bench warrant. Thought of you once i got back on Meso. Lol
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  9. ickyrica

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    Just smoked a question on jeopardy about half life's. My one and only lol.
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  10. Orange juiced

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    Can someone help me out here, just recieved some raw dbol and weighing them out into capsules. Not using filler, weighing them to 20 mg but 20 mg of raw dbol hardly looks like anything?? It just looks like such a small dose. Is it supposed to be this small??
  11. i know you're new and all, but please don't cross post. If you have a question, keep it to a single thread or better yet, start a new thread.
  12. XKawN

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    Yes, that's why we use filler and a cap machine.
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    @darkdays check this thread out. A ton of good info here.
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  14. darkdays

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  15. Would Deca 300 hold in MCT oil with 18bb 2ba? Thanks
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  16. Wunderpus

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    It did for me :)
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  17. Thanks broha
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