yoga for strength gains

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Demondosage, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. pittbox

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    I always tell people that yoga is the most physically challenging thing I've ever tried.
    I need to give it another shot.
  2. Tarzan

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    I think one of the biggest benefits in doing yoga for other sports is the strengthened mind/body connection. The more aware you are of your body, the more efficient you will be in using it. That simple.

    Plus some of the leg-balancing poses are great for re-habing/pre-habing ankle injuries.
  3. Voltrader

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    I just started yoga 2 weeks ago. I go once a week. I still feel lost in there but there is nothing that I do that has me dripping sweat the way yoga does it is kicking my ass. Spring is coming and I like to rock climb so I thought yoga would help limber my big ass up a bit. I now see the strength benefits of yoga. The girls in there are super nice I think they think it's funny and cool that I am in there. I have fallen over several times already:).
  4. Demondosage

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    Pericles, I am competing and I'm 3 wks away. I'm switching to men's physique though, I'm pretty diced right now, but I feel that coming in dry from diuretics would almost hurt me in this event rather than help me. I'm trying to get my pro card this spring, gonna qualify and then hit the pro qualifier 6 wks later. Not going the diuretic route though. I'm 218 lbs as of today and probably sitting at sub 6%
  5. Evie01

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    I believe yoga is a great option for health and wellness, and yes, you can get some strength gains depending or your fitness level, and the type of yoga you are doing.