Your age divided by 2 = number of reps?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by master.on, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Y'all are all arguing about the wrong shit here. Not seeing the forest through the trees. The point of this thread is the OP is dumb ass fuck and spamming Meso with bullshit.

    Y'all are in here arguing all over something a guy who's IQ is probably lower than his shoe size posted. Think about it...
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    I tried to point it out a few times. Wunder even made a thread for @master.on to have as a little play pen, but it didn't workout at all
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    That's not logic, that's bullshit. The rep range you do should be based on your goals, the intensity being used for the set, and your required training volume.
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    ^^^^ should have also said it depends on the lift in question.
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    Nah, Sworder had several lucid posts a day/week...

    Don't really have anything against the OP but his post style reminds me of a few folks who used to hang around here. Just a bit more random than NoPhat used to be.
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    Well, ok..thanks for the clarification. When Sworder isn't on something that makes him an asshat, he was alright. As for Nophat, he could been on some sort of drug fueled bender back then and when he posted all that broken-English gabber before or that his account was used by someone else.
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    LOL that didn't take long. I think you will fit right in.
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    Jay going with a savage blow there I like it!
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    Lol, it was savage. Usually such a nice man lol. How ya feeling @jaymaximus ??
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    I miss my little retarded buddy @Sworder :(
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    Ya I remember the little back and forth you had with him. That was so entertaining alright.
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    Especially when his soulmate Alicia from China is gone lol
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    Jesus fucking christ
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    this one spamming thread basically covered all that happends in meso...especially this^^