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Your smart european pharmacy

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Tzixan, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    I get the AF part but like how smart. On a scale of 1-10 Trumps where is he?
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  2. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    Too soft to stand on meso
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  3. iceman440

    iceman440 Member Supporter

    Too soon you Canadian fuck.....
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  4. MikeIronTyson

    MikeIronTyson Member

    Tits or GTFO
  5. Title should read: Your smart but ill prepared and poorly stocked European pharmacy.
  6. bolder

    bolder Member Supporter

  7. Tzixan

    Tzixan Junior Member

    We show the products that we can handle for sure , therefore we can offer you more products after you ask for it.

    Stay low stay sure
  8. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    This is absolutely one of the very worst attempts to source on this board - and maybe the entire internet - EVER!

    It is SOOOOOO bad that it's almost like this is a member here just pranking the rest of us, trying to see just how dumb we can be by actually trying to order.
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  9. Tzixan

    Tzixan Junior Member

    Getting a sample and ordering one more from another e mail ,with same adresses? That's bad.
  10. eje1990

    eje1990 Member Supporter

    You have the address memorized or something?
  11. Yes it is. Pretty pathetic.
    Why are you sending out samples anyway?
    We don't condone that kind of shenanigans around here.
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  12. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Agahahahahhaha, be nice. Ahaahahahahahah
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  13. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    How else can he get a review all of a sudden that will say how his stuff is the best?
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  14. i figured the 6 products they carry would speak for themselves.
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  15. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Hey bro to be honest I know it sucks you got got, but you deserve way better anyhow.just chop it up as you paid that fuckin fag to leave. By him not sending you that gear, you won’t have to worry about accesses your entire cycle. The glass is half full.
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  16. MikeIronTyson

    MikeIronTyson Member

    Yeah I’m good with it, through the whole ordeal I got hooked up with a legit source so I’m all smiles.
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  17. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Hey bro I stoked for you.
  18. Tzixan

    Tzixan Junior Member

    Hey again mesos

    Added some uni pharma t3s.

    We also carry hcg prengyl 5000
  19. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    we don't care
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  20. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    So the consensus here is; not a good and well stocked European pharmacy?
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