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Just some advice for you my man, and you can take it or leave it and I won't be the least bit insulted, but I'd stay away from WU and MG for payment, and in a case like this where it is a required part of doing business, I would find somewhere else to take my business.

WU and MG are being scrutinized and rejected by WU and MG themselves more than ever, AND they keep permanent records of EVERY transaction, AND they require you to show ID, AND they are expensive, AND they are very eager to work with LE, AND they have HD surveillance video of every transaction.

Other than that, they are a splendid option for paying for your illegal drug purchases. ;)
No, that’s killer advice, it Would have never been a thought in mind mind if I purchasing AAS, but because I already have a script for UDCA for my GI DOC, I really wasn’t tripping. The price per pill is beyond rediculous, my insurance wasn’t willing to cover it. That’s good advice bro.


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Oh mesos..come on. We also accept BTCs .
The main reason that we offer WU n MG is the offer an extra option . Its that bad ?

I think you misunderstood my point.

I was not criticizing YOU, I was criticizing WU and MG. And i was simply stating that if I had to use one of those two payment methods, I would just shop someplace else that had other payment options. It was not a criticism of you.

You said you accept other payment forms (including Bitcoin), so this should not be an issue for anyone going forward.


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Thank you for your support mesos.
We apriciate your support so we offer Proviron (Bayer( 25mg x 20 tabs) @ 10€ per box untill the end of june.Just tell us that you read it here.

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