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    No, that’s killer advice, it Would have never been a thought in mind mind if I purchasing AAS, but because I already have a script for UDCA for my GI DOC, I really wasn’t tripping. The price per pill is beyond rediculous, my insurance wasn’t willing to cover it. That’s good advice bro.
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    I think you misunderstood my point.

    I was not criticizing YOU, I was criticizing WU and MG. And i was simply stating that if I had to use one of those two payment methods, I would just shop someplace else that had other payment options. It was not a criticism of you.

    You said you accept other payment forms (including Bitcoin), so this should not be an issue for anyone going forward.
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    A bit of our stock as a friend requested. IMG-af994bdee07a412432dee4550ecc713c-V.jpg IMG-af994bdee07a412432dee4550ecc713c-V.jpg IMG-cbe11cb558e1b684a3233c002be70797-V.jpg

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    And some t3s IMG_20190509_183147.jpg
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    Thank you for your support mesos.
    We apriciate your support so we offer Proviron (Bayer( 25mg x 20 tabs) @ 10€ per box untill the end of june.Just tell us that you read it here.
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    Hello do you have any test enanthate in stock??
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    Drop us an e mail
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