1 amp of pharma grade test for 15$, am I getting ripped off?

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  1. I did a year of TRT via my endocrinologist at 150mg of Test Cyp a week. I hated those little 1ml bottles. Eventually got my hands on UGL Test C. Except for some initial Test flu, the only difference was that sometimes you got underdosed gear and needed to use more volume. Besides that I had honestly would not go back through the hassles just for Pharma grade Cyp.

    That said, a doctor is not going to afford you the options of Ent, Prop, Sust, TPP, etc. you only get that through the wonderful world of UGL.
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    My TRT prescription is 200mg/ml test e (delatestryl) and is about $80 for 5ml vial but my work health plan covers it. Well known 3rd world pharma test is $6-10/1ml vial of 200-250mg/ml; you can find here from number of international reputable sources.
    Think of it this way; we normally spend at least $15 for one healthy meal but are thinking too hard about spending $15 on a vial that we inject directly into the muscle of a body part. I think pharma grade is completely worth it if you can afford it but everyone's circumstances are different.
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    I get my try test from the pharmacy. As @janoshik stated, I dont want to run ugl for years on end. But for the occasional blast I will run other ugl compounds. If you are getting pharma second hand there is a strong chance of counterfeit. I research and find a decent ugl, buy in bulk and then ship it off for testing. This way I know exactly what I am putting in my body. This is still cheaper then searching out pharma and let's you use compounds which are not prescribed.

    @janoshik if testing shows compound and concentration then can there be a difference in effectiveness?
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    No, should the compound and concentration be the same, the effectiveness will be the same - except trenbolone.

    However, the exception in the case of trenbolone is basically non-existent in real life, so nobody should bother with that.
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    Please clarify Trenbolone is non existant? Meaning pharmaceutical or do you mean truly non existent even with ugl?
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    I mean that there are basically 3 different 'kinds' of trenbolone, which are... the same, yet different in effects.

    Chemically you have trenbolone acetate - same molecule. However, it can have different rotation - so the same molecule but a different spatial orientation. See image for reference of what I mean:
    Chirality (chemistry) - Wikipedia

    One of those two is very effective anabolic steroid, one not so much.

    I have vague belief that when the veterinary pellets were manufactured, they were made only of the 'more potent' kind. Nowadays I assume that 100% of trenbolone on the market is 50:50 mix - as that's how it's manufactured by default.

    So you can have 1 gram of the same molecule - 100% of the 'nonanabolic' tren, 50:50% mix and 100% of the 'anabolic' tren.

    The 100% variants are basically non-existent, that's what I meant.
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    Sorry if I'm being confusing, but I'd suck at explaining that in my mother tongue as well.
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    $15 for an amp of test is a rip off.

    I'm assuming that you're in the US. You can get pharma for $10 in Canada and gear here is a lot more expensive.

    I'd shop around.
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    If you have ever done Real Pharma AAS like others have stated, you would definitely pay the Premium hands down. With that said, Pharma AAS are often faked so do your homework and get a good source.

    - CA
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    There are two separate issues here.

    1. Health - it is unreasonable to believe that true Pharmaceutical grade drugs would not be “healthier” than UGL. The entire point of adding “xxx grade” to describe a product is the level of quality control applied to it (IE Aerospace grade aluminum). More quality control = less contaminants, more exact dosing, finer quality additives, etc.

    2. Potency - here is where I disagree with half of you. If your UGL source has a 99%+ (or close) pure raw and is brewing at appropriate dosages than the effectiveness of the drug should be identical to Pharma barring any drastic processing deltas which would denature the product (which I’m not even sure is possible) or chemical structure changes.

    That’s my .02. Unless there are blood tests showing test and e2 variations explaining the claims here of being more effective/less aromatizing, it just doesn’t make sense.

    Someone send me 10 amps of Pharma Test and 1 bottle of the best UGL test on Meso, I’ll take one for the team and sacrifice my body for science. :rolleyes:
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  11. Well said, dood.