2,4-DiNitroPhenol [DNP]

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    Again... semantics. You pick and choose what was said and disregard the rest. Let me refresh your memory since you seem to have deliberately ignored the whole comment and picked and chose what you wanted to attack:
    Maybe you should tell Bill Roberts to get his act together. Who the hell does he think he is writing this article for steroid users? Better yet, give MB shit for having the ludicrous notion to put this poison on a STEROID (aka “gear”) forum :rolleyes:
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    It's use as a pesticide does not equate to it being a registered poison. Once more, where is it registered?

    Further, how dare you post that I've promoted this compound, I've done nothing more than fight against the bullshit fear mongering that individuals like yourself have posted, which are based almost entirely on anecdotes, so individuals can decide FOR THEMSELVES. Not to mention the fact that the other poster DID NOT reference DNP as a steroid, he merely indicated it was amongst the underground drugs used in BB... Do you even read what you respond to with your incoherent posts? It's mind numbing.

    I've defended you in the past when you've based posts on a lack of evidence and fact, I couldn't be more disappointed that you'd make an accusation to me like this and included more rhetoric which lacks a base of evidence. Poor form, even for you.

    I implore you to refrain from entering into dnp threads in the future. You have nothing to offer aside from fear mongering aka nothing to offer at all. If you come back, come back with EVIDENCE to support your claims... Which, up to this point, have been complete horse shit.
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    The whole “it’s a poison” thing is really a facile write off. Alcohol is a poison, water is a poison if consumed in large enough quantities, oxygen likewise (hence why we consume antioxidants), same with carbohydrates, butter, literally fucking anything has a LD50. And yeah it’s a lot lower for DNP, same with sleeping pills.

    Sometimes people need to get a check on their emotions before they try to speak.
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    Any links to confirm if DNP was banned in China?
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    Weight loss drug made from war chemicals gets deadly new reach online
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    This is the only thing I found: DNP Banned in China
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    There's a number of inaccurate points in that article, amongst some that have truth. There is some understandable bias that is consistent amongst most DNP articles. DNP was never banned by the FDA. Even if someone wanted to jump to the conclusion that it was banned, which is wasn't, you wouldn't be referring to DNP at all... It was a derivative of DNP that was being used, Dinitrocresol, which was FIVE TIMES more potent and being sold at the same dosage that DNP was. The only comment that the FDA made about it was that it was a toxic substance, which is completely accurate, but it was never banned. As a matter of fact, there were other drugs that were looking people left and right around this time that the FDA didn't ban either because they didn't really have that capability.

    This is why I don't understand where DNP is registered as a poison if it's never gone through the FDA and been formally banned, even if it was.. DNP was not the substance being used when all of this was going on.

    Further, it's use in explosives is true but misleading... Salt is used in explosives too.
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    I couldn’t find anything either in regards to it being a registered poison, except that it was banned under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938.
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    I wonder if it got banned because it can explode
    and not because it can kill people if ingested.
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    I think it's just because of the manufacturing process and pollution regulations. They'll ramp production back up in the not too distant future most likely.
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    I asked some china sources they all told me it is indeed banned
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    We have a 25 year old, 45kg, girl who says she only took 2 tablets. The authors admit to not knowing how much DNP was in each tab, which means she never told them and the dose that caused the reaction remains unknown. Caution is advised about taking any of this as fact because we know self-reporting within the literature is notoriously inaccurate. Especially coming from this group - a young woman suffering with body dysmorphia.

    If we're going to speculate then, knowing the UK market as I do, I would guess that the dose around 100-250mg per tab. That translates to 4.4-11.1mg/kg. The high end of that range will absolutely generate the reaction seen here. The low end might do if it's the starting point. So despite my skepticism about the self-reported nature of the dose, it absolutely would not surprise me that this dosing range caused that reaction.

    The UK for whatever reason is a breeding ground for dumbass DNP users. This seems to fall into that camp based on the limited facts we have. She clearly had no idea that the dose was way too high for her specifically. I don't have sympathy for folks who use potentially dangerous drugs without doing some extensive research to begin with.
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    I noticed every time someone proves jim is wrong he just doesn't reply anymore he never admits that what he says is one sided lacking info or a opinion at best he just stops replying to it all together
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    Yep, which shows a real lack of humility.
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    Happens quite a lot, doesn't it?
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    good read, 250mg was honestly perfect for me. never needed to go higher than that....... if only i can find some somehow :) the warehouse doesnt sell no more
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    There's a couple sources on here.
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    keto pizzas are better than the real thing, u should offer them in your resto.
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    thought i would add some of my epic blast results from years ago i would also document everything ; using dinit’s capsules ;

    this is for research purposes, please don’t do as i do.. I’m in Ontario so climate in feb is cold as f, also always had a fan on my desk during the day i would literally run back to my office and get back in front of it Lol pretty much time the blast around 2 weeks i knew i didn’t have obligations/meetings

    2015 ; 750mg daily first day front load of 1500mg
    Feb 2 Mon 243.6 lb Day 1 1500mg
    Feb 3 Tues 236.8 lb Day 2 750mg
    Feb 4 Wed 233.8 lb
    Feb 5 Thu 232.4 lb
    Feb 6 Fri 229.3 lb
    Feb 7 Sat 225.6 lb
    Feb 9 Mon 225.4 lb 7 day
    Feb 10 Tue 222.8 lb
    Feb 11 Wed 225.6 lb
    Feb 12 Thu 219.6 lb [off DNP]
    Feb 13 Fri 222 lb [off dnp]
    Feb 14 Sat 215.8 lb [off dnp]