2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden Charged with Rape

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  1. That's a pretty broad brush you're using to paint scenarios with.
    You seem to be a very black or white, is or isn't kind of thinker.

    Maybe he thinks along the same lines too? "If she comes up to my room, it's a guaranteed invitation to fuck."

    Sounds more like she was visiting someone that see looked up to and someone that could help make this run at her career better, with both being competitors and he being the top dog.

    She had a companion waiting in the lobby during her visit. Either she was planning on a quicky or she just wanted to pop in and say hi real quick to someone she viewed as a friend?

    But we can speculate until we're blue in the atrophied testicles.
    Only the two of them were in that room and only the two of them know every single detail of what really happened.
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    Random quote because picking out just one thing you've said here wouldn't do justice.

    Literally everything you've put to page in this thread has been absolutely fucking disgusting.

    Attitudes like yours are WHY it's not safe to be alone with woman anymore.
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    it's funny because it's true
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    Search "women" on Meso and put @Demondosage in the "posted by" section... You'll find half a dozen pages.

    My theory is this alleged internet alpha got cucked hard by his ex wife thus, all women are cock/money hungry bitches that get what they deserve.
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    Seen it from more than a few here and it blows my mind.

    Especially knowing that some are fathers, brothers, husbands, and all are sons.

    I can't fathom the outright hatred for women. My ex fucked me up and over hard. The epitome of every toxic / abusive relationship you've ever heard about.

    I still have love for her and all the other women in my life.

    Being so bitter and insecure that you have to completely 'possess' another person. That's hardly a trait that I'd consider alpha. Lol.

    Spend some time with wolves. The alpha don't worry about shit. He eats, sleeps, and fucks.

    From time to time puts an upstart back in their place. That's about it.
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    “Alphas” have no clue what it’s like to be dominant and posses real control over a subordinate.
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    Getting fucked up the ass by a tranny is disgusting...faggot
  8. Demondosage

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    because taking it up the ass by a tranny is the most alpha thing you could do rt? hahahahhaha
  9. LeoTC

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    Oh no.

    My feels have been irreparably hurt, whatever shall I do?

    Your view of women screams "Wife Beating Dirtbag Rapist in Waiting."

    So I'll consider the source accordingly.

    Being 'Alpha' isn't exactly something I've ever felt the need to concern myself with. Guess I've never felt threatened enough by anyone or generally so insecure.

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  10. Demondosage

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    How bad does life have to be?

    How bad does it seriously have to be to let some Filipino tranny blast you in your ass and then brag about it?

    "Die empty" hahahaha, or full of dick and AIDS rt? Maybe both I suppose.
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    This one is my favorite though...

  12. LeoTC

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    Oh, the Filipino wasn't wasn't Trans.

    The pornstar was Trans. Not sure how you equate either with dying of or contracting HIV.

    Do you need to watch the seventh grade Sex Ed video for a refresher on how a condom works?

    I can imagine it's been a minute since anyone's looked past your winning personality and slummed it with ya. So I'd totally understand.
  13. Receiving anal sex or “catching” carries a higher risk of catching HIV than sharing needles, about 138 infections per 10,000 exposures, don’t think it matters if it’s gay, bi-sexual, TS, pansexual, heterosexual etc. Of course that condom will drastically decrease the risk so...Being the one delivering or pitching is 11/10,000 and sharing needles is 63/10,000
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    Orientation goes out the window. The increased risk comes from the higher likelihood of an existing or new laceration being opened and infected.

    The risk being mitigated entirely by avoiding indiscriminate sex with untested / unfamiliar partners. The virus has to be present to begin with to be transmitted.

    It all boils down to personal responsibility, as it does in any scenario.
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    YOU NEED TO WATCH the sex ed video so you can see that a penis is meant for vaginal intercourse.

    How does taking it up the ass by a tranny pornstar equal AIDS?

    Because when you're not living your life right God says "to hell with you, you never knew me" But it sounds like you were on your way to burning in hell a long time ago.

    I've been married for 15 years, never divorced, and have a good family. You're literally an ass clown. You say you feel bad for wives and kids to guys like me? I feel bad when some kid has to find out his Dad takes it up the ass by tranny's!!! Hahahaha

    Your parents did an awesome job! Their son lives in the gutter and gets fucked up the ass!

    Then posts abt it to strangers so he can get some moral support for his fucked lifestyle. Rot in hell you left wing piece of shit degenerate
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  17. staynattybruh

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    Lol. Hilarious the irony of how so much hate comes from religion and it's followers.

    It's clearly feeding your fire of despicably immoral and anti-intellectual epistemology.

    Every comment that you utter here has been enlightening in the sense of what garbage roams the world....
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    How many times have you cheated on that wife in fifteen years? Or is it not cheating if you're just putting one of those godless whores in their place?

    Hey, speaking of?

    You smack your wife around yet today? Already three o'clock and daylight's burning man.

    All that effort it takes to keep yourself raping any woman that might be in the room without someone else must have you all kinds of keyed up, Bud.

    Fucking whores, existing with all their whore curves and soft bits. Just asking to be fucked, they know what's up.

    I bet that tiny little pecker's just aching after having been locked up all day. I mean FUCK when you hit the water cooler and Carol had the nerve to already be there all by her lonesome. Bitch would have had it coming right?

    But hey.

    At least you've beaten some sense into your old lady right? She knows what happens if she's if there bteakroom and Jim from accounting happens in for lunch.

    She's no whore, she leaves straight away.

    The little demon Jr's know what up too, don't they? I'm sure you've shown them exactly what's expected in that situation.

    I'll let you're tiny brain construe that last bit as it will.

    You redneck twat.
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    Why are the wife beaters always Bible thumpers too...
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    Not sure what can be less "alpha" then beating a woman.
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