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    Last day everyone, put your orders now or don't come back later regretting you didn't jump on the sale because again, these crazy type of sale from 24 don't happen often.

    We are running a New Years promotion
    up to 60% off on products!
    Promo will run through out the rest of January and until 1st of February.

    If you have special requests for products you like on promo please let us know


    SAIZEN 36IU 12MG $120
    GENOTROPIN GOQUICK 36 IU 12 mg $165

    OMNITROPE 30 IU 10mg $110
    OMNITROPE 45 IU 15mg $178
    HUMATROPE 18 IU 6 mg $100
    HUMATROPE 36 IU 12 mg $165
    HUMATROPE 72 IU 24mg $280

    ANAPOLON 50 mg. 20 Tab. $20
    RIMOBOLAN 1 Amp. $7
    PROVIRON 25mg 20 Tab.$9
    FEMARA 2.5 mg 30 Tab.$30
    aromasin 25 mg 30 Tab.$30
    arimidex 1mg 28 Tab. $40
    IRAN OXYMETHOLONE 50 mg 50 Tab.$30
    TIROMEL t3 25mcg 100 Tab. $7
    VENTOLIN 4mg 100 Tab.$7
    PROSCAR 5mg 28 Tab.$7



    Again guys, we have access to over 6000+ products so we can get pretty much any odd off stuff. (DON'T MESSAGE US ASKING FOR SCHEDULE NARCOTICS) We will block you and expose you. We DON'T promote that nonsense or want anything to do with that. Happy shopping.

    Also, one last thing from the big boss, all Balkan products are brandnew lots/ packaging. I will be sure to get pics so I can post for all you.

    I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions pertaining to an order or anything else.

    Sale ends tonight
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    Great sale everyone.

    For everyone who jumped on, please be sure to leave your honest review with pictures, labwork, and overall experience. We absolutely value your feedback.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
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    Still waiting on Balkan pics, any thing on that ??
  4. CrazyMoldovan

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    new BP design 7-8 month yet
  5. 24hreup-rep

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    Trust me I asked. Just waiting to get pics, only so much I can do.
  6. 24hreup-rep

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    Have you seen Balkan products at pharmacies in Moldova? Please educate us. Hope all is well friend.
  7. 24hreup-rep

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    All Pms have been answered.
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    @24hreup how long is T/A for insulin to USA?
    It’s not listed on the domestic. And is there reship?
  9. CrazyMoldovan

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    not whole line you can buy in a pharmacy, only 4-5 position from roids (we talked abt roids,all other position that produce BP, np at all), dana stromba oxa tetso.. and to buy mostly position you should have prescription a bit harder all, also i feel maybe will be and prices upped, situation w china unclear.
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    Please send me a dm
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    Really cool, I remember @Den84 mentioning this about needing a prescription now.
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    How long does it usually take to ship out (international to usa) after ordering?
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    Please pm me
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    Great news. For awhile Pfizer Cabaser 1mg tabs have been discontinued. We had Dostinex for the meantime of the discontinuation, but I just got word today fresh lot of Cabasers are finally coming back to our warehouse. So if you are in need, we have you covered. Should be here next month so keep your eyes peeled.
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  15. Cityofgrit

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    Has Hutech labs been tested or does anyone have any anecdotal experience with them?
  16. pfdept59

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    Any news on the Balkan products? Like price and if it is new the new style packaging?
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    Yes i am waiting for the same thing on web site does not appear either
  18. 24hreup-rep

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    Yes new packaging! I still have not got the price list yet. I will send 24 an email and see when the update will happen.
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  19. 24hreup-rep

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    Hang tight I am doing my best to see when new products will be updated.

    Hope all is well
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    I just placed an order with these guys.
    Obviously, the only thing i can comment on right now is communication and response time which has been absolutely on point.
    I'll update when TD occurs.
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