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    Goodness a biologic for acne? I hope the benefits out weigh the risks, and having a son with Chron's disease I'm much more familiar with the latter than most are..
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    Trifu V, Tiplica GS, Naumescu E, Zalupca L, Moro L, Celasco G. Cortexolone 17alpha-propionate 1% cream, a new potent antiandrogen for topical treatment of acne vulgaris. A pilot randomized, double-blind comparative study vs. placebo and tretinoin 0.05% cream. Br J Dermatol 2011;165(1):177-83. Cortexolone 17[]-propionate 1% cream, a new potent antiandrogen for topical treatment of acne vulgaris. A pilot randomized, double-blind comparative study vs. placebo and tretinoin 0

    BACKGROUND: Acne vulgaris is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit in which the androgens contribute to its onset and persistence. The use of antiandrogens is therefore potentially effective; however, antiandrogens for topical use are not available on the market. Cortexolone 17alpha-propionate (CB-03-01; Cosmo S.p.A, Lainate, Italy) is a new potent topical antiandrogen potentially useful in acne vulgaris.

    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the safety and the topical efficacy of CB-03-01 1% cream in acne vulgaris as compared with placebo and with tretinoin 0.05% cream (Retin-A(R) ; Janssen-Cilag). METHODS: Seventy-seven men with facial acne scored 2-3 according to Investigator's Global Assessment (IGA) were randomized to receive placebo cream (n = 15), or CB-03-01 1% cream (n = 30), or tretinoin 0.05% cream (n = 32) once a day at bedtime for 8 weeks. Clinical efficacy was evaluated every 2 weeks including total lesion count (TLC), inflammatory lesion count (ILC), acne severity index (ASI) and IGA. Safety assessment included local irritancy score, laboratory tests, physical examination, vital signs and recording of adverse events.

    RESULTS: CB-03-01 1% cream was very well tolerated, and was significantly better than placebo regarding TLC (P = 0.0017), ILC (P = 0.0134) and ASI (P = 0.0090), and also clinically more effective than comparator. The product also induced a faster attainment of 50% improvement in all the above parameters.

    CONCLUSIONS: This pilot study supports the rationale for the use of topical antiandrogens in the treatment of acne vulgaris. CB-03-01 1% cream seems to fit with the profile of an ideal antiandrogen for topical use.
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    Doxycyline is an antibiotic(very cheap) that will clear roid acne up very quickly. See your doctor...still being relatively young, you could still possibly just suffer from the type of acne teens and young people have so there is no need to disclose to your doctor that it's roid acne. He may ask but probably not, however, if he does, depending on your relationship with your doctor, my internal medicine doctor is in his late 30's, married, into muscle big time(I suspect he uses steroids as well!) and always comments damn, you are getting really huge! Which excites both of us! I've told him about my steroid use and he is perfectly fine with it and although he is married, like many married muscle men, muscle, muscle growth and strength makes even the straightest muscle dude throbbing hard and everytime I go to see my Doctor, I can tell my the bulge in his crotch he's very happy to see me and likes huge muscle lol! By the way, I'm fortunate that I found him, he's a wonderful Doctor and very supportive of my getting freakin huge and stronger than Superman and steroid use. He monitors my blood work for me and he's pretty handsome! So, find yourself a doc like mine, get yourself some doxycycline and clear up that roid acne. I know this may sound gross to some lol but seeing a dude into muscle, getting freakin huge and insanely stronger with a mild case of roid acne is a huge turn on for me! Sorry if that offends some of you guys....just knowing guys like us or huge guys are on roids gets me throbbing hard! I can't explain it! It must be just knowing the dude is roiding and wants to be a huge muscle beast like the rest of is the huge turn on! However, I said a mild case of roid acne lol! Not a huge, major outbreak like I've seen on some guys and even some of my friends who have it so bad they are open and bleeding and there is nothing more gross than seeing a huge, roided up guy at the gym with the back of his tank top soaked with puss and blood EWWWWWWWW! Get freaky huge and stronger than 10 Supermen Guys! Have a great week! Peace
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    Obviously I'm not familiar with your particular circumstances but IF prescribed in accordance to the current standard Accutane is indicated for the treatment of cystic (scarring) type of acne which by definition is RESISTANT to other forms of therapy, including ANTIBIOTICS.

    Consequently the use of this medication should NOT be taken lightly, especially considering some of the side effects.

    HOWEVER if your being followed by a qualified physician, and a dermatologist certainly qualifies, I've no problem reconstituting therapy AFTER he or she has determined that's the best option.

    Another point to consider is as we age the responsiveness of hair follicles to androgens decreases considerably, such that where once Accutane WAS your only option, more contemporary therapy (ABX, abrasives, cleansers etc) may now be effective!!

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    I'd say you we're a troll if I didn't notice you've been a member here since 06'.

    Your doc gets an erection when you go see him?? I don't know ANY straight guys that get "throbbing hard" looking at other dudes. Wow...
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  7. Yeah, I think ole Russ better check the latch on that closet door because it's open more than just a crack.

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    Wtf lmao fucking hysterical
  9. 1 word for cure of acne -isotretinion- (accutane) 20-60mg a day for 15 weeks will clear ur skin and regrow it like new ...but u gotta watch urself as that stuff is super strong and harsh on ur body...but its a miracle drug and it cures ur acne for at least a year if not a couple years and some forever! I seen it personaly work for many people including myself and its cheap if u make it urself or know someone who makes it ;-)
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    I use zinc from the vitamin shoppe. 2 caps a day keeps he acne away
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    I just had some bad cystic acne from a high dose tren cycle I had ran with test e, got worse through pct... Well I've been doing everything under the sun to get rid of it. So long story short I just ordered some Isotretinoin from Great White with a 45% off code I had. So later on that night I find a full bottle of Prednisone that I had, popped 30mg. Woke up the next morning more than 50% healed. I was astonished. Took another 30mg this morning. Now I'm over here waiting on a parcel of Tane that I don't even need. Hmmmm wonder what I should so with it...
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    Been supplementing zinc myself at actually way too high of a dose. lol. Love the stuff, helped with the tren bacne I had but wasn't enough. I love it for it's test boosting and AI properties when off cycle and thru pct. Not to mention busting better loads lol.
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    Your dr has crush on you. Ask for xannies. Lol
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  15. Moat of these,things are,(fix,it now,drugs) isotretinion is a,on going 10-20 week dedication cure of acne drug that is harsh on ur body but will make your skin push out all the shit in it and clean itself up and ance will not come back amd if it does it will be a year or more beforecyou have any acne again
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    So who are you explaining this too? I think we all know what Accutane is. lol.
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    Acne really should be cultured to determine what exact bacteria is/are causing the infection. Then you should be given the correct antibiotic.

    Personally, I found Rifampin to be the most effective antibiotic for acne. It's usually used to treat tuberculosis. Cleared my cystic acne in a few days.

    Bactroban, topically, or in the nostrils also has helped me greatly.
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    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397106089.639191.jpg Finally cleared up. Prednisone was a life saver. I highly recommend the Hibiclens, it worked miracles. Zinc and St. Ives green tea washes also were great. Didn't even have to touch the Accutane. Just wasted my money on it, then found the Prednisone that night in my bedroom. Prednisone was the missing puzzle piece to my tren acne stack. My back is looking great in the matter of 2 days. Went from a warzone to a peace treaty on my back and shoulders. All smiles over here. Guess I'll have the Tane on hand... how long you guys think this Tane will last for, without degrading or expiring? Any storage advice?
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  19. Well like i said these things are fix it now drugs just cause ur acne is gone riggt now ....i can pretty much say you will get bad acne again after tren and during ur pct / isotretinion will keep fine for years if in dry cool place
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    I'm not on Tren. I just started a Test Only cycle. Just had acne left over from a previous Tren cycle that got worse through PCT and stayed there long after. I always get slight ance on Tren but the most I usually run is 500mg. I was on a gram this past cycle and things got pretty rough. Thanks for the storage info on the Accutane. Appreciate it.