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    If your getting big zits on ur body or face topically tea tree oil works awsome..It has antiseptic, anti fungal and anti viral properties which make it great for the skin. This has worked much better for me personally then any other topical purchased over the counter. make sure its 100% pure and u will not regret it.
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    Get in the sauna it helps me
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    Low dose accutane was a miracle drug for me. First run was 4 months and my next run was like 90 days. 99% reduction in outbreaks.
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    Since doing my last cycle I have gotten acne on my back and arms. I find that hitting up tanning beds and using a hazlewood cream has done wonders for clearing up mine
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    I had similar horrible acne when i was a teenager- still actually have a bunch of scars on my shoulders and shit from it. Accutane is a miracle drug if run at the proper dose by a dermatologist that knows what they are doing. I had some dry lips, nothing always having chapstack handy didnt fix and had to use a moisturizer on my face but other then that no sides and i am acne free years later. I cant recommend it enough to anyone with a sever cyctic acne problem- just go to a doc that is comfortable prescribing it and knows how to dose it based on the severity of the acne and weight or else you'll end up with more sides then you should - thats probably what happened to the person complaining they had bad complications in this thread. If you got any questions free to ask.
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    Retin-A (prescription) gel every night during cycle
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    LOL, must be lucky for that crap to control your cycle acne.
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    Who's the guy wearing indoor sunglasses in that avatar? Olive and coconut oils and Vitamin E applied to the skin before bed with a bit of Test E for tightening of the
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    I have some bad acne. Anyone know a legit source online as my new derm wont prescribe it anymore. Any help from members would mean a lot to me.
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    have you tried putting egg white on your face , that actually worked really well for me
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    The Problem With Adult Acne - As Antibiotics Become Less Effective, Doctors Try a Range of New Treatments.

    “We used to get more success with oral antibiotics,” says Dr. Bowe. But the bacteria responsible for causing acne have become so resistant to the drugs “that our ability to treat moderate to severe acne has become compromised,” she says.

    Growing concern over antibiotic resistance is changing how dermatologists treat acne. They are relying more on topical treatments, which can require a lot of patient education and hand-holding to assure reliable use, and on hormonal medications for some women.

    Some dermatologists say they are putting more patients on isotretinoin, an effective acne drug with a controversial history that used to be sold under the brand name Accutane.
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    Dr. Scally what is your opinon on a person who is planning on starting his first cycle (test only) with moderate acne on his back only and is 22. Do you think they should pursue topicals during the cycle or plan on running isotretinoin before or after the cycle.
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    If you're looking for an over-the-counter remedy, you can try using PanOxyl (the foaming wash). It works pretty well for me if I apply twice a day. My dermatologist recommended it (although a combination of Doryx and clindamycin works better).
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  15. i have acne on my chest, shoulders and back and i have been using the orange anti bacterial dawn dish soap and i use this acne moisturizer from, and my acne is actually starting to clear up.
    i know its not gonna go away in a week but the redness is going down and i can see my skin starting to clear up a little bit each day. :D
  16. does going in the sauna after a workout mess with your gains at all?, cause i heard mixed opinions on this.
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    what? how the hell would that effect your gains? lol

    I cant see it being any worse than doing any form of cardio....

  18. some one from my rec center said something & i dont remember exactly honestly but im just wondering. :cool:
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    Lol naa man it doesnt....thats like saying dont do supersets and start sweating it Will affects your gains..See wat i mean
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    If using the sauna, you want to go immediately into a hot shower and wash up while your pores are still open. Then flip on the cold water to close them up.
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