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    I took Accutane at a younger age and it’s a tough ride. Had to stop due to joint pain. It is harsh on liver so probably not a good idea to take with orals
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    Alot is dose dependant. I've found doctors want to give way too high of a dose. 20mg is effective
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    I fucken died hahahahahaha.
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    [OA] Tan JKL, Stein Gold LF, Alexis AF, Harper JC. Current Concepts in Acne Pathogenesis: Pathways to Inflammation. Seminars in cutaneous medicine and surgery 2018;37:S60-s2. Current Concepts in Acne Pathogenesis: Pathways to Inflammation

    Acne is a disease of pilosebaceous inflammation. Pivotal in pathogenesis are the roles of hormones (insulin, insulin-like growth factor-1, androgens), Propionibacterium acnes, lipogenesis, and a proinflammatory lipid profile. Innate immune responses are induced through interaction with toll-like receptors and inflammasome activation initially and subsequently through adaptive immune activation. These insights into pathogenic inflammatory pathways can translate into novel therapeutic approaches for acne.
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    @Michael Scally MD, why is chest and back acne so common among AAS users?
  6. Just a quick tip for anyone that needs it.
    Was running tane 20mg ed to about e3d for the past year with perfect results. Clear with the occasional pimple here and there. Ingest with zinc and a high fat, i used peanut butter, allows for much greater absorption and less digestive sides.

    Decided to take a break from accutane, which was fine for a couple months.
    Went on a month vacation and decided to taper off trt without an Ai. Bad move. Broke out on the face pretty bad and nothing OTC was doing anything.
    Went back on a 20mg tane dose with little to no avail. Realized it was my e2 causing it.
    Got back on a higher trt dose and noticed less oil, but still some persistent acne.
    Just Started letro 2.5mg eod. Third day and already noticed way less oil and smaller pores and old acne drying up.
    I'll continue to update as i progress
  7. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Emerging Therapies for Acne Vulgaris

    Key Points
    · Established acne therapies with antimicrobials, hormones, retinoids, and light/laser are evolving and novel combination therapies are being studied in the context of acne vulgaris.
    · Multiple clinical trials for the treatment of acne vulgaris are focusing on novel agents/uses, such as botanical extracts, biologics, small molecule inhibitors, neuromodulators, and probiotics

    As we gain a greater understanding of acne pathogenesis, both new agents as well as new uses for established drugs are being considered for the treatment of acne vulgaris. Multiple clinical trials assessing new formulations or combinations of established acne treatments have been conducted, and novel uses of antimicrobials such as modified diallyl disulfide oxide and nitric oxide are being assessed in clinical trials.

    There are also a multitude of new therapies currently being studied that target the inflammatory cascade of acne pathogenesis, including sebosuppressive and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, and small molecule inhibitors targeting sebaceous glands and enzymes, among others.

    Laser and light therapy is also being modified for the treatment of acne through combination methods with metal nanoshells and vacuum assistance.

    Probiotics have gained popularity in medicine as greater knowledge of the microbiome and its effects on multiple organ systems is being elucidated.

    Studies describing the positive effects of certain ammonia-oxidizing bacterial strains in the regulation of the skin's inflammatory response are ongoing.

    Therapies for acne are constantly evolving and current gold-standard acne therapy may be supplemented with novel treatment modalities in the near future.

    Trivedi MK, Bosanac SS, Sivamani RK, Larsen LN. Emerging Therapies for Acne Vulgaris. American journal of clinical dermatology 2018;19:505-16. Emerging Therapies for Acne Vulgaris
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    Throughout the last 6 months my chest and back acne has gotten out of hand. It has been so bad a few times I couldn't sleep on my back or hug loved ones. I don't want to pay for a dermatologist because I know it's hormone related.

    I currently take 250 of sustanon per week. I noticed that when I take nolvadex the acne gets 60-70% better in a matter of 4 days. What should I do? I'm assuming I cannot take nolva for the rest of my life on a daily basis.

    Is it okay to take Nolva or AI on a daily basis to prevent acne?
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    get bloodwork sounds to me like your e2 is out of control anf if so you need an AI anyway. Also after 6months you should take time off (pct/cruise).
    My personal experciene with accutane was rly great. I used 20mg ed and could prevent most of the acne to breakout without any sideeffects.
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    250mg a week is my cruise but yeah I plan on getting on AI. Thanks for your reply.
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    I’d say your T/E ratio is too tight or your E2 is way elevated. Acne is my bodies indicator telling me to take aromasin.

    Curious why you take Nolv or the standard AI?
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    I was under the assumption that DHT was the primary cause of acne?
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    I take nolva now because it's all I have at the moment because I'm not cycling. I'm on a cruise of 250 sus per week.

    Edit: thank you for the response, I am definitely going to look into that and get bloods.
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    Primary cause of losing hair.
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    You need some antibiotics. You probably have multiple bacteria causing the acne, including possibly staph. Bactrim & Clindamycin work very well for severe acne.
  16. I have to agree with @TheSpectre that antibiotics works to help fight acne! I've used doxycycline when I am running different compounds. I would take 2 weeks every day then taper off to every 3 days. So far, I have not gotten any breakout in the last 3-4 cycles I've been on. Usually, I start to get some acne on the back and jawline area around week 10. But as of late, zero breakout!
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    Is that over the counter? I don't want to have to shell out big money for meds online. My last cycle I had zero acne but I was also taking 12.5 Asin and 20mg nolva daily. As soon as I started trt at 200mg week my acne got really bad.
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    Where do I get it?
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    From pharmacist
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    Is that an off label use of drug? Would I be able to get a script?