Another bull run is expected to occur in late 2019

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    Do you realize the absurdity of this statement? If that was the case everyone would be rich.

    Technical Analysis can be interpreted 30 diff ways per chart. At best TA can give you an upper edge but crypto TA has proven itself the most unreliable of any market over the past years. Don't get it twisted crypto is nothing but speculation and gambling.
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    "Never cross a river if it is 4 feet deep on average" - Nassim Taleb

    Also I'm not on crypto for making money. I was, tbh.
    Been on the game since 2014. Started as a miner.

    And now, I'm using Monero like my own bank, that happened after I realized that transparent blockchains are disaster.

    Speculation was a right word. Gambling is valid word for shitcoins. I don't spend my time with shitcoins.
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    No gambling was the right word. And using any crypto as a bank is pretty stupid. Any financial advisor on the planet would tell you that but for your sake I hope your gamble pays off. I have about 25% of my total assets in crypto and that is considered extremly high risk.
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    Slight subject change, but what are ancillary stocks that trend upwards when crypto’s are doing well?? I know Nvidia does well, but are there others?
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    No shit? That's why I write about cryptocurrency only on bitcointalk (old good days when theymos was alive tho) and reddit. Thanks for giving me another reason. Meso is like 4chan when shit comes to crypto.

    Let me give you a suggest from a cypherpunk wannabe/privacy enthusiast: Don't speak about your total assets and how many percent you hold in crypto in the web. Never.

    Your lucky boy tho. Your writing on Meso.
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    Your ignorance is amuzing, thanks for the laugh. You couldn't find out any personal information on me if you wanted to, there is no harm on me giving a vague statement regarding a percentage of one of my assets.

    To everyone else reading this thread do not take financial advice from idiots that make up shit on the internet.
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    The world is transitioning away from USD hegemony to a supranational reserve currency unit. Blockchain is less about surveillance than a proof of concept. The blockchain ledger will make it much easier for a Bacnor system that Keynes' proposed when the UN was founded.

    The current runup was due to the "trade" negotiations with China. The biggest issue in transitioning from USD hegemony is the special relationship the US has with China.

    This is a complex subject, but stocks are to a great extent influenced by this as well.

    There are hundreds of trillions of dollars in the global economy. In time, the quantity of dollars will decline as they are exchanged for what will eventually be a UN controlled Bitcoin. Demand ebbs and flows based on how quickly this transition is happening, or at least how the media portrays it. But, exchanging USD for assets, bitcoin, real estate, stocks... this is the trend until the transition to a UN multilateral exchange rate system is complete.

    There is no conflict between the US and China. The global capitalist class is in complete agreement on how to control the world's natural resources for their own ends. Most of what you see is theater.
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    Actually, the quantity of USD will increase, but the value of them will decrease. At least that's the theory.

    You can have deflation from a banking/investment perspective, since debt is claimed as an asset (I learned that the hard way in 2008 when flenser's millions became flenser's thousands in just under 48 hours), but the actual quantity of USD generated will continue to increase for the "long run" as Keynes would say.

    On UN controlled crypto, not bloody likely. Crypto is about choice, and no one is going to choose a currency that can be easily taxed. The one thing the USD has going for it is Americans have to use it to pay taxes. Without that imposed theft, the dollar would have gone the way of the Continental decades ago.
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    You misunderstand, and are not familiar with Keynes' work.

    We are moving to a world where the use of national currencies as reserve currencies will end. Instead, we will have something similar to Keynes' Bancor.

    Keynes' argued that competitive currency devaluation was the primary cause of World War II, in that both Germany and Japan were resource poor and export dependent. They devalued their currency (expanded their national money supply) to gain a competitive currency advantage on the global market. Domestically in germany, this was also to reduce their war indemnity, but that was a side point.

    The Bancor has many variables, but increasing your money supply beyond what is considered reasonable (and the variables include population growth, natural resources, necessity of export industry, etc) would result in the exchange rate of your national domestic currency for Bancors changing to prevent a competitive currency devaluation scenario.

    Blockchain is part of establishing a global accounting system to track all exchanges and to insure relative stability of the global market.

    Your ideology about blockchain "it's about choice" is irrelevant. In time, cryptocurrencies will be banned just as forex trading was before 1976.

    In the not so distance future, foreign exchange in anything other than Bancors or barter will be illegal.

    As for the difference between currencies and collectables like comic books and bitcoin you are half right.

    Money is about establishment of sovereignty, and part of that is the ruling sovereignty issuing currency and demanding the citizens pay taxes in that currency. But civilization couldn't have begun on that alone. You are missing the other key element.

    Courts only adjudicate debts in the currency issued by the ruling sovereignty.

    This is why all US currency, and others, state that they are redeemable for "all debts public and private". Private debts are those adjudicated in civil court.
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    Crypto responds more to changes in the international monetary system.

    The most recent run up trended with Trump's tariff talk with China. This is a complicated subject, but Crypto is effectively used only for two things 1) crime and 2) evading undesirable national currency situations (like China being forced to continue to artificially devalue their currency, or when a sovereignty is collapsing such as Venezuela or Zimbabwe, but only China can really move the market).
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    All the shit talk about BTC, it's really all just about buying and selling smart.

    I grabbed three at just under 3300 I believe, on a whim. I cashed them out awhile back at over 40K for the lot.

    Turned and out that into more traditional investments. If you aren't willing to do the diligence, any investment is up in the air.
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    I'm more familiar with Keynes work than you think, though I don't subscribe to his theories.

    I think you have a bureaucrat's understanding of money. The PTB can define it however they like, but the people will choose whatever works for them. I don't give much credit to the "new world order", its power to make laws, or its ability to control currencies.

    Bancor is a fantasy; always was, always will be. The USD under Bretton Woods is about as close as you can get to a one currency world. That is, unless you count the previous 5,000+ years when gold was the standard.
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    Here we go, mates!
    The headline says it all. Especially with FB going for it. The downside will be BTC/ETH/XRP, etc will be looked at by regulators more closely. They cannot have competition with the IMF, Central banks, crony capitalism, house on the hill, etc. But, facebook (I hate, not social media person, except Meso) has billions of users, may open up the eyes that blindly do labor for nothing.
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    Your naivete and arrogance is the reason the "PTB" as you say are able to thrive. You have simply deluded yourself on your "freedumb". You're not free, and you are unaware of how exchange rates are being manipulated all around the world. The Bancor was technically difficult in 1944, particularly when the Americans refused to participate and the Soviet bloc left the table and the cold war began.
    But it was not impossible. And today, blockchain technology will make trade imbalances a thing of the past. The Triffin Paradox will no longer apply, and with hope, we'll have peace. But most likely, this system will be implemented simply to fuck over the masses, like yourself, who believe the people have a voice in anything. This, in a country (assuming you're American) where the majority of people can't find the capital city on the map. By the way, ever notice the word capital applies to both the city where a sovereignty rules and the sum total of the means of production that sovereignty commands?

    Fascinating that.

    And no, gold was very rarely a standard for anything. If you really studied history you would know that this was one of the central issues surrounding for example, the Punic Wars. Rome got along just fine with iron tokens. The Chinese had paper money. The very earliest civilizations used clay tokens and ledgers. Gold worship was quite reviled. Do you really think the Golden Calf in the Bible refers simply to a statue? It is a metaphor for gold in general, as that was the religion of the pagan Semitic people who eventually founded Carthage. Gold worship was central to their way of life. Buying mercenaries. Setting up markets.

    The complete antithesis to iron weapons and will.
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    Wow, I didn't know it all depended on me. I will try to do better.

    Pretty sure I never used that word, or the correct spelling of it, anywhere in my previous posts.

    You should read some Rothbard. That super hero banker crap you've been fed in your economics courses will rot your brain.

    The people have a choice in everything, they just prefer to act like cattle. I've read a little about block chain becoming the instrument of slavery, and about robots taking over the world. But I'm sure the Illuminati will protect us.. or was that the democrats?

    You make a good point about gold. I know the history, but like to toss out that statement whenever someone starts going on about paper and digital currencies. Most of the time they don't notice the discrepancy.