brutus79 and jballz get swole

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  1. I don't know if you are against taking pills, but Tizanidine or Fexeril will help. I personally stay away from the flexeril because it gives me night terrors and then I want to kill people in the morning. if it is slight spasms, take an Ativan. To show I am not a hypocrite and say one thing and do another I think I will take an Ativan now.
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    Went to chiro- feeling better but I will be out of the gym for a bit and am super busy... that all adds up to the end of this log in the wrong section advertising a member in the title who doesn't post in it. Thanks for tuning in! I'm on trt now and will be for a while- keeping it legal for the most part thanks to ocj. Dueces.
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    Its good to give the body a much needed rest bro. Hope you heal quickly man an keep doing your thang homie;) I will deff be subbed for your next run brut:D Its always a pleasure an a great learning experience to watch your logs bro!!! So peace out big dog:cool:......for now until next time;)
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    It has been a good run and with a bit of rest you'll be ready to pick up where you left off and here's to JBallz making a grand return eventually. Keep your chin up brother Brutus, you'll get there!

    You could hit up Millard to fix the title and move this log if you want :)
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    Thanks for the log. It tipped me over the edge to commit to PLing for a while. Be sure to stop by once in a while make sure I get a kick in the ass when needed.
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    Take care of that huge pumpkin brutus
    Till next time
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