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  1. Bob Dole

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    I am looking to place an order and Circle still has me at a $300 limit. I have two account (me and my girl), but need one more option to get a little more funds instantly converted to Bitcoins. Can anyone suggest another good alternative to Circle that will give me access instantly please.
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    I use coinbase, but not sure what the limits are. When I make a purchase, I transfer from coinbase to mycelium and then pay from mycelium because it's annonomus (no personal info to open account). Just keep in mind that large purchases = large fees. I had great deal on 1300 purchase but after fees, it costed me there goes the deal I got lol.
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  3. Bob Dole

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    I ended up signing up with Paxful. They take a 1% fee, which wont be so bad.
  4. Robfromga

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    How quick are they? Instant availability?
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    bob how does the account setup work? Circle wants me to verify identity, and coin base wants info to my bank account Im not cool with providing.
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  7. G2Ready

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    Did that paxful work out? Saying .75 cents on dollar..... That 25 for the Hun dun..... Guess:( if it's reliable?
  8. This is so fascinating, but a lot to digest at one time. I was told in another thread that Coinjoin was good but I haven't tried it yet
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    can always use, I just started to use this method for paying and have met people to purchase bitcoins. There is also an atm around my city (check for one in your area maybe) where I can purchase bitcoins from, have not done it personally but a buddy of mine has and was quick and easy he said. Am not a bitcoin wizard but hope that can help you as well.
  10. purchase bitcoins from an ATM?? really? with cash?