City of Grit's first go at powerlifting

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Cityofgrit, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Perrin Aybara

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    One of the good things about that DUP you get lots of practice doing the lifts.
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  2. Cityofgrit

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    You give me positive inspiration @Perrin Aybara! I was going to go back to bodybuilding after this little meet but I honestly don't want to give up powerlifting. I have weights I want to hit and I cant stop until I do....then when I do, those weights will go up again. You guys have turned me into a powerlifter
  3. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    I could definitely use that to get better at my cues and perfect my foot positions and form
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  4. NovaFlex

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    No need to “go back”, have the best of both worlds and just program in a few volume blocks every year.
  5. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    It's a long process. I'm still trying to perfect my bench and deadlift form. Ironically I feel like my squat form is near textbook and it's my worst lift numbers wise in relation to the other two.
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  6. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    That too. Better not to powerlift year round really from an injury standpoint.
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  7. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    My bench isn't where I would like it to be. I still don't have much leg drive and I'm still working on using my lats more. I'm so used to bodybuilding benching where you focus primarily on chest involvement. I'm missing out on a lot of muscle recruitment for big numbers.
  8. Same issue here.
    I find myself really focusing on the chest contractions with a flat back, zero lay involvement a and no leg drive.

    Old habits die hard lol
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  9. Worf

    Worf Member

    DUP can be a generic term. DUP is the next step to take when LP stalls. Only so many resets you can do and still make progress. 5/3/1, TM, H-M-L, JUGGERNAUT Cube, Lillibridge, Conjugate, Candito are all forms of DUP.
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  10. KL8209

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    I read this as John Wick and was 100% thrown off only becoming more and more confused as you both continued to converse about this for multiple posts. I ended up re-reading the posts a good four-five times before I realized I misread it.
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  11. Worf

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    Keanu gets down in the rack
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  12. KL8209

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    lol I was genuinely thinking I must've missed something in one of the movies

    Not joking had I not realized I read it incorrectly I likely would've started skimming through the movies on netflix for no other reason than to satisfy my curiosity
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  13. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    I've been running Juggernaut LP and I'm interested in running a form of DUP. I fell like I could use more time with the big 3 than I am getting from a linear progression
  14. Worf

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    There’s other versions on Juggernaut. Theres one thats a 5/3/1 hybrid. There’s also tons of H-M-L programs out there to choose from like Sheiko is probably the most notable. Calgary barbell 16 week is a good one as well. Personally I think we all come to a point where running cookie cutter programs aren’t going to cut it. At that point its time to start creating our own programs based on what works and what needs improving most.
  15. stomps

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    Haven't read all thru this thread bit plan on it good luck.
    Oh how much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking and what's you lifts at now.
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  16. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    I weigh 173 lbs. I lost some weight. My bench is at 320, my squat 340, my deadlift is at 425.
    I am thinking my squat may be higher now and I'm going to find out this weekend at this little non formal meet I'm in.
  17. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    It's taper week....


    Low bar squat

    325 lbs. 1 × 1 (wasn't supposed to do this and did it without a belt. I wanted to gauge where I could get to at the meet.)

    235 lbs. 2 × 3

    Comp. bench

    245 lbs. 3 × 1
    220 lbs. 2 × 5

    Conventional deadlift

    250 lbs. 5 × 1


    Goblet squat

    75 lbs. 3 × 8

    3 second paused bench

    185 lbs. 3 × 7

    Dumbbell RDL

    75 lbs. 3 × 8

    Hanging leg raises

    5 × 9
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  18. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    Looking forward to seeing your new and bigger numbers!!!!!!
    You are going to smash shit like a boss!
  19. Cityofgrit

    Cityofgrit Member Supporter

    I'm hoping so!! Tendonitis is bothering me on bench a bit though. Thanks for the pep talk!!
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