Confusion with PCT and HCG

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    So if your test levels were "shot" before you ever touched a steroid, you did a 6 month tren cycle with no hcg, fertility is not a concern... I am completely missing why you are doing pct? Do you just like to suffer? Your test levels will be worse than they were before you did a cycle 3 times longer than recommended lengths at the age of 38. No protocol is going to turn back the clock for you. If keeping your gains is a concern go on trt. That's what it is for- older men with shit test levels.
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  2. I think you misunderstood me, I have definitely not been on tren for 6 months, that would be insane! I am in my testCYP/trenE cycle now and its only going to be a total 10 weeks of tren.
  3. How high are these blood levels like prolactin etc that you’re concerned about? Post the numbers and the ranges of what you’re concerned about. For rbc if you’re dehydrated rbc, hematocrit And hemoglobin numbers go up, you can try donating blood. Also it’s normal for one ball to be bigger and one to even hang lower. Most guys have one bigger, for me my left testicle is bigger but I think for most the right side is bigger from what I read.

    So if you no longer want kids then are you just pct’ing for health reasons, like letting your body go back to normal for a while or?
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  4. In my very first post in this thread I uploaded three photos showing all my blood work labs on page 1, if you want to see everything but my main concerns are:
    MCV(RBC) 7.24mio (normal range 4.6 - 5.7)
    Cortisol 672nmol/l (normal range 171 - 536)
    prolactin 24.2 mcg/l (normal range 4 - 15.2)
    My estradiol is 152 pmol/l (normal range 41.4 - 159)
    i just take 0.5mg EOD arimidex, as soon as I get my hands on aromasin I will switch.

    Thats correct, I am not worried about kids so I just want to pct simply to give my body and receptors a break from the higher dosages. In my mind I look at my body on steroids as a body in the almost 7000RPM range and I dont want my engine burning out anytime soon
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  5. Regarding prolactin I don’t think that small elevation is going to cause any issues, i think it causes issues when it’s very high, like >100. You’re rbc and hematocrit was a bit high, especially if you drank a lot of water before your test, best thing you can do is drink a lot of water so you keep the % lower, donate blood and when you come off the rbc will slowly go down. I’m not very familiar with what’s considered bad with cortisol levels, but I guess stress could cause it, I heard tren lowers it but not sure how much. Anyway maybe mention it to your dr.

    Ah ok, it’s probably wise to give your body a break by either going off, which might feel like hell but I heard some pros do this to make their receptors more sensitive, or you could do a real trt dose, 100-150mg. You don’t want to make gainz in the heart so it’s never good to stay on high doses too long. I’d recommend getting your heart checked out occasionally just to make sure it’s ok.
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  6. Thanks again Terminator for the great help/insight. When I took my blood work I was in a fasted state from the night before and had almost no water when I went to go, makes me think this affected the results a bit.
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  7. Definitely does affect rbc/hematocrit/hemoglobin, when you’re dehydrated there’s less fluid in the blood so these numbers are higher. Last time I donated at the blood bank I didn’t drink much water and my hematocrit was 52%.
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