day one of attempting to restart

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by chap, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. chap

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    Well, I'm nearing the 5 month point of when I started my restart protocal, so I thought it was time for a bump.

    Feel great, still lean, libido not fantastic,but it works well and actual sexual function is way way better than it ever was while on hrt, be it hcg or test or whatever. I'm over 40, so I'm thinking I am perfectly normal.

    I got my deprenyl finally and took 2.5 mg of it last night, not sure if it will change anything, but the antiaging benefits to it and other effects made me want to experiment a bit anyway.

    I'm remembering back to how hard the first bit of my restart protocal was, but I am so glad that I stuck it out and went through the rough times to achieve this goal. I did a very high dose of clomid but didn't really experience much in the way of side effects, other than moody depression at times, and only once did I get a visual tracer (I was on 300 mg of clomid).

    Just the memory of how difficult going through a pct is makes me not want to experiment with aas or hcg ever again, it sets you back so far and you have to go through all of that again. Sure it would be fun to go on tren again and be a superman and get all cyborg-like, but the suppression and hassles of trying to restart are just not worth it... healthy living is where it is at.

    I'm hoping those younger people that might be considering cycling or thinking that hrt is the easy road might learn a bit from those that have been through it.
  2. hackskii

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    Good man Chap.

    I think not only will this give a heads up for the young guys,
    but also for the guys like us that went through it and are afraid to go off the TRT in fear of not feeling very good with recovery.
  3. chap

    chap Junior Member

    There is definitely a psychological battle that must be won as well, that week of high clomid and no endogenous test was really torture, it was a struggle for me to get motivated to even get out of bed all day.
  4. pmgamer18

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    Dam good thread chap and I feel this should be made a Sticky so it will allways be up there to read.
  5. chap

    chap Junior Member

    maybe the deprenyl wasn't such a good idea

    it gave me insomnia last night, and today I felt kind of edgy (same thing happens to me on dostinex) and also made me feel spacey a bit, maybe I just dont get along with 'dopamine agents'... I think it did boost my libido a bit, but I don't think it was worth it

    I'm in the aftermath of my cold that I got last week, and felt a little 'puffy', just a tiny bit, but I don't know if AK's worries got to me too, but I got worried that I was getting a little estrogenic, so I took a nolvadex tonight.
  6. BigAk

    BigAk Junior Member

    LOL.... You're alright man... You got nothing to worry about chap... Don't let my ordeal get to you brother... I'll feel worse if you let that happen..... because I read your journal to get inspired by your success !!

    I have recovered from my cold actually... and my voice is slowly coming back... I hope you'll feel a 100% very soon chap.
  7. chap

    chap Junior Member

    lol, don't sweat it AK, it did just get me thinking that maybe I am at 77 myself and feeling good because I don't even realize it

    anyway, it got me thinking of a concept I have long wondered about, which is doing a pct without having been on any aas, in other words I wonder if there are any benefits to someone of our age range to just do a pct protocal and see if it puts you at a more youthful state then when you started

    I am looking at a bottle of clomid and nolvadex and wondering.....

    on another note, this morning my libido was definitely up, which counters my earlier thoughts that serms kill libido, I had done a nolvadex yesterday and this morning my libido was up, maybe an effect of the deprenyl earlier too?? I for sure notice a difference in my mood for the worse when on the dopamine agonists though.
  8. lou123

    lou123 Junior Member

    So what are your t levels at now ?
  9. BigAk

    BigAk Junior Member

    I'm clueless chap... dunno what to say anymore... My recent activities do not by any means reflect the number 77... My energy is up, and I actually were able to have sex this morning. I have given up on trying to reason with things... That's why I'm flying to consult the expert.
  10. chap

    chap Junior Member

    I'm thinking that if brain chemistry is conducive, that a 77 test level is easily enough to have sexual function..... having high testosterone levels is overrated when it comes to curing all sexual ails

    I'm going to have to dig up a study again, where it was shown that very little testosterone was actually required to have sexual function.....

    and there is also the fact of extremely low testosterone as found in eunuchs and yet they have greater longevity then those of us with testicles
  11. chap

    chap Junior Member

    4th day today on a mini-serm run I decided to do, kind of a 'nudge' to the hpta idea I had, I figure i will do a short run of nolvadex and see what happens, I feel more lean and libido is atill nicely functional, no great drive or anything but once I get going things work very well.

    probably going to taper around the 7 day mark or so

    I'm wondering if the theory is logical, kind of a nudge the hpta to keep the 'ship on course' kind of idea (it is definitely possible to nudge the hpta 'off-course' with the wrong drugs along the way, we have all seen proof of that, so I am thinking it makes sense that it would be possible to nudge the hpta to keep it on the right path as well)

    stopped with the deprenyl, might try it again some time in the future
  12. chap

    chap Junior Member

    6th day of my short serm 'booster' run

    libido is definitely up, function is very good, feel lean and good, no side effects so far
  13. chap

    chap Junior Member

    tapered down to 10mg nolva today

    felt pretty good, maybe more tired then usual...... makes me think about adrenals a bit, I have been drinking alot of green tea lately, so maybe the caffeine is not good, took a nap this afternoon

    a couple of tiny spots of excema showed up too, which seemed to happen to me years ago when I was coming off of as before, not sure if it has something to do with cortisol levels, I put some hydrocortisone on the spots and they seemed to be a bit better by the end of the day

    probably will do 10mg tomorrow, then a couple of days of 5mg
  14. BigAk

    BigAk Junior Member

    chap.... I would love to know what sort of results you'd get if you were to do bloodwork. I mean... You've been going by the way you feel ever since day one. I now know that it's not a reliable method to go by how you feel. During the time when I tested 77 for my test levels, I was feeling alright and having sex; only to find out the truth from my bloodwork. I just can't see how you can go on just shooting in the dark chap.... Are you not curious even just a bit??? .... dunno what else to say...
  15. chap

    chap Junior Member

    10mg yesterday, today will do 5mg and tomorrow 5mg then that will be it

    extreme morning erections today

    finally feel like the cold I had gotten is completely cleaned out, took a couple weeks to clear out the last bit of stuffiness
  16. chap

    chap Junior Member

    been a while since my last update

    did the short term one week serm 're-run' and came off with no significant changes to report

    It has been about a month since.

    The last week I have been experimenting with extremely low dose arimidex with good results, seems to increase morning wood and also erection quality during the rest of the day ( seems like a daily dose of even .05 mg or less makes a difference). I am already very lean, but for some reason I feel as if aromatase activity in my body has been altered long term ever since injecting testosterone.

    Lately no skin problems at all, feel lean, no extra water, orgasm quality is outstanding, erection quality is pretty good, no extreme drive for libido but ok, function ability daily, gym strength really good.
  17. pmgamer18

    pmgamer18 Member

    Where do you get .05 mgs.
  18. chap

    chap Junior Member

    lol, pmgamer, I was wondering what sharp eye would call me on that......

    I have a great ug source for a liquid arimidex which makes very small dosing possible
  19. BigAk

    BigAk Junior Member

    Glad to hear from you again chap... and I'm glad that you keep doing well. :)
  20. pmgamer18

    pmgamer18 Member

    I am doing a lower dose of T now and I am finding .25mgs of Arimidex to stronge if I go 5 days and take it most of the day I am good then feel to low. It's strange last night I took .25 had good wood all night then this morning can't get it up for sex. So this tells me I went to low my E2 is driving me nuts trying to keep it in the zone. I think I am going to go back on Indolplex/DIM this is what I had to do before.

    BigAK how are you doing good I hope at least you can tell us how your feeling.