day one of attempting to restart

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    I hope things are going well for you wildfox. For me, the crash was pretty tough, but nothing that would have affected family that much... kind of the same thing like going through a week of a flu might affect the family. I was not that eager to get out of bed, but I still could though, energy felt really down and felt pretty quiet and depressed I guess.ith a loving partner it would actually be easier. I didn't go insane or anything like that lol. Other than libido issues, it was pretty much clear sailing after that initial crash period.

    To update, I have been feeling pretty good lately. No urgent 'need to get laid' libido at all by any means, but sexual function, while slow to get started, works well and pleasurably at least for a single go. I think it is still improving, slowly, but subtly noticeable, and that is in my 40's and over a year off of my last hrt, so it appears that there is something to be said for time and patience instead of constant tinkering.
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    Weren't you seeing Dr. John? What was his opinion on your results and why they are not optimal?
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    I've been a patient of his a little over a year. I'd say we're still at the "tuning" stage.
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    just an update, I am actually ejaculating about once per day now, it took over a year of recovery to get to this point, so I must stress the patience thing and I think that tinkering with hormonals along the way may just cause setbacks

    there is one supplement that I found that I think actually helps, subtly, but in a way that I feel that I am doing long term subtle good instead of just quick fixing that crashes back the other way when stopped.......... that is acetyl l-carnitine, I have been taking 500 mg a day about 5 times a week or so when I remember, and I am thinking that there have been good effects from it, of course it is impossible to know for sure with other variables, could just be time healing, but from what I have read on it it is beneficial in many ways and it is cheap
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    So you never got your blood work... still ??

    Well, thats good that you feel good.
    I have heard the same thing. It can take a body sometimes 6-18 months to return to normal after such drastic hormone changes. It just takes time, and having patience, without continually trying to take something different.
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    no, never did get a hormonal panel, never could afford it

    I feel good and workout strength is good, libido is still not strong, urgency is never experienced really. I went for a week or two where I was ejaculating every day, but there are less desire weeks like last week where I didn't get morning wood that i recall. It is strange, my workout strength and recovery feels as good as I was 10 years ago, but libido is not even close. I can live with it though, there is no urgency at all which lets me focus on everything but worrying about sex, it is no real conern at all actually.
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    I should mention that the acetyl l carnitine does make a difference. I took 1.5 g today and here it is about 12 hours later and I am noticing a difference in desire that I haven't felt in a week or so. I really think brain chemistry, dopamine or something, is what is responsible and not testosterone directly.
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    update, been seeing improvements in the gym, feel pretty good and making some gains actually, and libido has been improved a bit lately. The only thing I have been taking other than multivitamins is some acetyl lcarnitine 3 or 4 times a week.I keep protein intake high (whey) and eat very healthy overall, and exercise helps alot too I find.

    orgasm quality is very good, and libido urgency is actually able to build up a bit, which is something that has improved, so time off is proving to be a slow but rewarding process for me
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    Thanks for the update. Really appreciate you keeping us informed. I'm happy for you regarding your improvements.
  10. chap

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    libido desire lulled back down again this past week, not much desire at all really, but other than that i feel great and gym workouts are great, body composition is really good

    I'm wondering if somehow cialis can cause a secondary effect that actually helps desire in libido, due to some mechanical stimuli that somehow effects the brain, as I did feel a stronger libido the last time I took cialis (even though the side effects of cialis are very unpleasant for me)

    I might experiment with it again soon.
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    What is it that you are actually using,
    Not sure yet but I am second time now having bad experience with LiquiCia.

    I take original Cialis twice weekly. My prescription plan does not pay for enough of it, so I have also LiquiCia.
    Couple months ago I used LiquiCia twice in the row. The second dose kept me spaced out for over a week, frequent urinations, burning urethra. So I did not used for two months and decided to not use it in consecutive doses.
    Week ago I used again once. Same thing, spaced out, frequent urination, burning urethra.

    Went to a doctor, blood in urine, I am on 10 days Cipro 500mg twice daily for 10 days.

    Wonder if it could be something else, but it is too much of coincidence.
    I used one squeeze of a dropper. First time I measured volume with insulin syringe=1ml
    I store it in the drawer next to my bed, not in refrigirator???
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    JanSz did I read this right you took cialis 2 days in a row this is bad don't do this. Best way to get past the sides of cialis is to take it every 72 hrs doing tihs will also keep your BP down. As for libido yes I feel it helps because just seeing a sexy looking women it gets up if this is not a libido boost what is.
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    Chap... Isn't that normal though?? especially for guys like us at 40?? I mean, is it realistic to expect to be horny every moment during a given week?? I think there are many variables that will cause libido fluctuation in our life... work stress, sleep or lack of, feeling down every now and then... etc... I think it's pretty normal to have ups and downs at any age actually... Am I wrong??

    How about your erections though??

    I never wanted to get hooked on Cialis as I didnt' want to become dependent on it. Actually, I've tried it one time and didn't like it....
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  14. chap

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    hi bigAk, how are things going for you?

    I guess it is 'normal', I feel really good, if I 'abstain' for a week urgency starts to build up, so that is a huge plus, urgency never gets to the point where it was when I was younger where it would be a 'drive' to get you to make finding a partner priority number one, if you know what I mean

    I hate cialis and viagra too, it makes a difference for sure though, and I dont think that I would be anywhere near confident enough to get with a new woman without it though

    I notice some guys that I know that are in their 40s and even 50s that are natural, out of shape, eat poorly and everything and are total horndogs going to hookers and hitting on girls all the time... strange how that works, so I don't know what 'normal' really is when you think about it. Normal is impossible to define.
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    Hey Chap.... Glad to hear that you're doing well.

    I've been off everything since I started my recovery a year ago in July. I've been meaning to write an update on my journal.

    I feel like I've recovered in all aspects including my libido etc... However, I've been having one issue that I've PM'd you about.

    I have not done bloodwork since last year, but I feel like as long as I'm doing alright, there's no need for it.
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    Chap... I tried to PM you but couldn't.. You need to clear some of your old PM's
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    cialis wont do anything for libido.
    But, I did notice MTII worked pretty damn well for libido.
    I think there is the isolated peptide called PT-121
    I have not tried that nor do I know where it can be purchased but my guess would be a research chem site.
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    sorry, I got so many it was hard to sort through whch to get rid of

    Hope you got my pm back the other day, I was going to expand on it some more when I got time
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    time sure flies, been almost 6 mths since last update

    well, I pretty much stopped all experiments with anything, I have selegeline, cabaser, nolva, clomid, arimidex, letrozole, test, sitting in my desk, but I refused to take any of it..... I kind of resigned myself to try to wait out the natural thing....

    definitely many days of lows where I would go a week or two and hardly even think about sex, and then there were times where I could think my way into wanting it, but no real hunger.... so I kind of resigned myself to thinking that maybe my youthful days are just over and I could keep myself busy with lots of things when not worrying about libido..... but amazingly, in the last month or so, things have all of the sudden started to improve, where morning wood started again more often, and an urge was starting to become an often thing..... it's been so long, but being 100% natural now, it is finally starting to impress me in the possibilties, I don't feel like I am 25 again, but I feel like I did when I was 35 and better than I felt when I was 39.... quality of sex is really really good, the best it has been in 10 years as far as orgasm quality

    so I am amazed that I am seeing improvements sooooo long after this journey started, especially when I didn't expect it.... so for me anyways, patience has paid off (for me I would say it can be a multiple years 'restart', once things get out of whack, even doing all the 'correct' protocals... it has taken my body years to really normalize and I'm excited to think that there is still more improvement to come)
  20. chap

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    went a double last night, two good orgasms within 6 hours, that impressed me because that was something I haven't done much since I was in my early 30s

    still on nothing, other than one thing that might be of interest.... I have had some exczema on my skin, so used some hydrocortisone cream (which works really well to cure it) and I wonder if the hydrocortisone may have had a positive influence on my libido, as it has been a little better than usual lately