day one of attempting to restart

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by chap, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Excess prolactin can effect refractory periods.

    Erection problems can be something to do with insulin resistance, even cardiovascular health, along with a bunch of hormones that make things happen.

    I was on TRT and it was great till about 10 months then I felt worse, so I got off and I am glad.
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    Thanks for your reply. I think you might be right from everything else I have been reading. I was doing well after my last tamoxifen round until just a few days ago. I have never had my insulin level checked but I am going to if possible. I am not diabetic or overweight but maybe my insulin level is high. If it is, I will try to lower it. Wow. That would be great if that works. I will try to post my results at a later date. Thanks again.
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    Thought I would give some of thoughts on the insulin issue. This morning I woke up and my testicles were much larger than yesterday and very firm. Great! I then had my usual morning bowl of sugary cereal. Didn't think much about it but my testicles seemed a little smaller. BUT then 30 minutes or so after eating another sugary bowl of cereal, my testicles started hurting. I checked them and they were both back to the same size as yeasterday and much smaller than this morning before eating. So I am wondering now if I really do have a high insulin level and just don't know it and that is what is causing me not to be able to increase my T levels. I say this because this morning was the first size increase of my testicles since the first day and last night I only ate 2 pork chops and a salad! Whereas I usually eat lots of carbs at dinner too. I had an insulin level done but no results back yet. In the meantime, I will continue on tamoxifen 10 mg twice a day and start eating significantly less carbs. I thought about changing the Tamoxifen dose but I will keep it for now to see if this increases my T levels. If changing my diet does the trick, what an amazing discovery it will be because I have seen 3 specialists about this so far over a 15 year span and NOT ONE of them has been able to help me. If it doesn't work, I will keep trying other things. Surely there is something out there that will work! :)
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    Tamox sucks for what you are wanting to do.
    clomid is used to determine if one is secondary hypogonadism.
    Just 100mg a day for 5 to 7 days doubles LH output, and also increases FSH by 20% to 50%.

    Certain mineral and vitamin difiencies effect testosterone production like zinc, D, E, among others and a low fat diet, low cholesterol diet can effect T levels.
    Not to mention other drug interactions.
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    Thanks. I will try clomid again. It did the same thing that tamoxifen is doing now - meaning that it worked great for the first week, then it stopped working. In fact, it suddenly started working against me after 2 weeks of taking it. My testicles got smaller and my T levels went even lower but maybe if I do Clomid and Tamoxifen together, it will work because I have tried to take Clomid several times since my first time and it shrinks my testicles every time. I just don't want to try hcg yet but I may have to.
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    Did Chap every get his bloodwork done. I'd like to see where he is at now.
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    Kick the Novadex up to 40mg a day in divided doses then taper it when you taper the clomid! I have had better results that way. All I use for pct is CLomid,Novedex and ECA stack...The ECA stack keeps you from just wanting to sit onthe coach as you come off. It will give you the energy you need to get off your ass and workout. It also has a protien sparing effect when you are doing PCT. It is not anabolic like steroids but if you are dieting or if you are comeing off AAS it tends to help spar the muscle you have gained and it shifts your metabolism towards fat burning. I also have found that DIM 200mg a day helps as well.

    I tried DHEA and 7Keto once when comeing off at some preety high dose's like 600mg or DHEA in 3 divided dose's and 200mg of 7-Keto and to be honest I did not tink they helped at all. In fact I think that my erectile function was better with out them included.
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    It no doubt was better without them as DHEA can elivate estrogen in men, I would not do more than 25mg of that anyway.
    Low dose is ok.
    You can even get testicular atrophy from too high DHEA doses.

    40mg nolva is too much.
    Not needed.
    clomid over nolva any day of the week, unless you are running hcg.
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    Can a restart be performed without nolva. clomid only? I also have hcg.
  10. Michael Scally MD

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    I emailed you. It is possible, but in my long experience I added the tamoxifen after having disappointing results with clomiphene alone. I believe that a good physician can be persuaded to prescribe both.
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    Any fertility problems?
  12. baja212

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    Any fertility problems?
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    Chap, any more updates?
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    doing well, haven't done any trt or any testosterone since, I got tested recently and my numbers were normal for testosterone, in the lower part of the normal range but normal, I feel good, my libido is ok, not super strong or anything, but I can have very satisfying sexual function generally every day if I want to, orgasm and ejaculation is great

    it's interesting reading back where I was in my life back then, and I wish I knew then what I know now, I would never have done any hormones in the first place, but the nice thing is that with time away from all that things have normalized to where I am doing well, it took a long time and there were rough spots along the way, but I am even better today than I was a year ago, and two years ago
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    are you saying you wouldnt reccomend being on trt even for low testosterone? I dont want to be in a bad spot 5 years from now. I have low t and thought trt was a good thing
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    Wow..2 1/2 hrs & I've completed the reading of this thread. Alot of great material here but still stumped at what the right protocol would be to do a proper restart? clomid + nolva, only nolva, + - hcg ? add cialis. I know everyone is different but ?? :confused:

    Was on TRT for 10 mths but discussed with my Urologist this morning like I'd like to try a restart on myself as-well. He prescribed me 25mg clomid/dy & won't prescribe nolva because he says it's for cancer patients & he doesn't specialize in Cancer? From what I've read Clomid alone is not going to do it? Or did i miss something?
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    I would try and get some testicular function back first, HCG would be a good thing.
    I would try the power pct that Dr. Scally suggests, that is what I did and it worked awesome.
    I myself was on TRT for 10 months, after the restart I feel great, never want to be on TRT unless I have to.
    Im 52 by the way.
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    Wow 52 ! Nice goin ! My boys are actually workin, was Following Swales Protocol with HCG with the exception of adding a few chems in between to give me a boost, but just boosted my hair loss :) I'll def have a look at Dr Scally's Power PCT and see i can make this happen.

    Thanks hackskii
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    My t levels are awesome since getting vit d levels to 80ng/dl using olive oil based d3. Make sure you throw that in mix. 4k to 8k iu daily. load if you are low on serum levels to begin.
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    also I was completely shut down and restarted with clomid