Dr. Scally, PoWer PCT Question.

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    I'd also be interested in knowing if 'power pct' is suitable for someone who used HCG throughout cycle?
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    Ok here's a question my Doctor back in the day long ago he would give me what he called a cocktail and basically it was testosterone HGC.? I trusted him and never had a problem with it. what do you guys think about that doing H to see during your cycle?
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    Is that 2,500 iu hcg eod or 250 iu? Just wanted to make sure there was no typo.
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    HI Dr. scally

    i took 3years ago when was at 16-17years old cidoteston/cidoviron/nolvadex/cidoteston again without any cycle i just took without rules i just took to help me while my training in gym without understand its damages but after took nolvadex i noticed my testicles become less 50% than its size before nolvadex and noticed gyno and alot fat in my body so did estradiol E2 test and found so high 87 and normal is 0-40 and now i did not took any drug or steroid and still my testic so small and still have gynostia even with my hormons back to normal and my LH/FSH normal and test T/F normal but only in range not that high i mean its 4 and normal is 2.9-8 and E2 is 34 and normal is 0-40 so all normal and inrange but my gyno still and alot of fat around body and so much lossing in body hair and testicles so so small and no morning erection and alomost no sex drive too

    so what i have to do to get my testicles back and why they still small and still there alot of fat and gyno too even after my hormons in normal ranges
    so can i take power pct because of the hcg can its help me ? and is not it dangerous to take 20.000 hcg if my LH and testedterone and estradiol already normal ?
    and i only can get 5000ui hcg not able to split too so i have to take on one shot so can i take like that

    new Power pct
    -every 5days 1shot 5000hcg ui for 20days so 4shots 20.000ui in total
    -clomid 100mg daily (50mg twice per day) for 30day
    -nolvadex 40mg daily (20mg twice per day) for 45day

    is this cycle good for me or dangerous and can lead to stop my testesterone production ?
    or take old power cycle better with 20mg nolvadex per day and 5000ui hcg every 4days ?
    and is nolvadex i keep taking it for 45days same dose 40mg or have to decrease last 2weeks ?

    thank you for your time
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    Is still needed to blast hcg just before pct if you use HCG 500mg E3D since day one of the cycle?
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    @Michael Scally MD

    Blood work before ending pct would only show if Serms worked? Or would test show if Hpta has recovered? And if so what would numbers be to show it has recovered just within range LH, & FSH?
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    Why are so many people trying to hijack an old thread? He's not going to answer you. Make a new thread and tag him. Ffs...
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    Cuz u see a tag no matter what the age of thread, and this is in a sticky and relevant to what I'm asking and in my opinion doesn't need a whole new thread

    So if he wants to answer he will, and if not oh well
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    He hasn't responded to anyone's questions on this thread in over two years now. I'm telling you what you could do that would likely get you a response to your question.
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    I believe I may have over reacted to your comment, with my immediate not understanding ur comment at end "ffs"

    After judging your reaction, I edited my previous post after looking up urban dictionary
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    Good job captain crunch
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    Is Dr Scallys still around? I need help in trying to do a restart. My AAS use is hideous though. I did AAS from age 26-33 off and on...mostly on, then came off with no pct...my body returned to homeostasis...never did blood work, just no I felt fine for 5 years with no AAS use. Unfortunately, I got back on AAS use, 500 mgs of test email and tren e for 3 yrs straight, no pct...abruptly stopped last Sept due to divorce and loss of job...needless to say, my endocrine system crashed...test levels never did come up...was as low as 68ng/dl...I've been battling for a year now with horrible symptoms of hypogonadism...got on trt 2 months ago, but it hasn't helped at all...in fact I may feel even worse. My energy levels are shot, skin changed and aged bad during this time...cardiovascular issues, no libido, testicles are small and scrotum is tight, penis shriveled up.. moody, depression and anxiety...horrible...I'm near disabled because of this...I'm still am unemployed with no insurance, no income...I'm still do have 30,00 ius of hcg, clomid and tamoxifen...enough to do the Scally protocol...but I have no idea what I'm doing...need help...last injection of test was 10 days ago..don't want to do trt anymore...never want to do gear again, have learned my lesson...can anyone give me suggestions? I'm in a unique situation because this is not really a pct...I'm just seeing if I can restart my own natural production and get my hormones to balance themselves. Don't know if I'm primary or secondary. My last lab work was 8/12/16...total test was 590 on trt..LH is low .2...didn't have fsh tested...estradiol was a little high...did 250 ius of hcg two times a week. Trt is not for me...I'll never have libido or energy on it and damn it for life. What can I do?
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    U have high blood pressure or high cholesterol? Ed is usually something other than Low T, especially if on TRT!

    I'd go see a doctor if I was you, people on here can help you along.... But go see a doc bro IF YOUR SERIOUSE!
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    Starting cycle of Sustanon250 ,500mg/week,Deca,400mg/wk,Dbol 40mg/day.can you give me a good pct plan ? I get numerous ways on how to do it. Can you give me any advice ? If it's no Hassel? Thanks!
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    Is the clomid 50 MG PO BID? because I'm 1 week into doing your protocol and would like to make sure I'm doing it correctly.
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