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    I don’t like the fact he categorized Balkan as human grade.
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    I wonder why he stopped carrying pcom?
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    prices are fucking way to high
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    AP is done with period, owners in jail. How do you know he’s done with Pharma com did he mention something, or just not restocking items? I’ve had Balkan Tbol it was good. Had a bad experience with Canada peptides GH, and would never buy them again for that reason, I have a couple bottles of cp sust though as a reserve
  5. bob hughes

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    True, But they’re in line with other domestic resellers. There even in line with Pharmacoms own US domestic shop. At least they were, I know drug gear recently raise prices again so they might be a little higher now. Plus with drugs gear, you know your packs getting there in two days, not so some other shops
  6. From what i gather. Balkan products are used in hospitals over in Moldova. Granted, third world country, so i'm sure alot of stuff that wouldn't be legal in the US is perfectly legal there.

    So if nothing else, Balkan is close. But i wouldn't put it in the same class as human/pharma.
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    Right, Moldovan pharm grade is probably somewhere around the level of Chinese veterinarian grade. I’d run it, and have, but calling at pharm grade is a stretch
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    I just got done with a a cruise of Canada Peptide test c 250, it was good stuff!.. I was on 250mg every 7 days. Had bloods 6 days after inject and t levels were 1200.
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    I would love to find Alpha Pharma orals. The provigil to me seemed better than real pharma. I can't explain how. Maybe it had meth in it. Lol
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    All the Balkan I see only come in amps, he’s got 10 ml bottles.....or it a completely different lab ?
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    Damn his prices are pretty crazy..... hadn't looked for a minute and they're up. He's solid but 60 bucks for some prop is nuts.
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    Yeah a lot of stuff is gone. I even got used to the zhpc or whatever it's called. A lot of options for amps but I dont fuck with those. 120$ for a bottle of tren that's 200mg/ml
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    Hi, just wanted to share my experience with DrugsGear.

    So i started using HGH in december 2017 and searching i found this source here in this forum so i wanted to allert others also here so that they dont get burned as i did.

    So i had 3 orders of Ansomone with him. The first two i received.

    I noticed he only shipped them wrapped on a paper envelop that you could almost see THRU, those thin white paper envelopes from USPS!!!

    The 2nd order USPS said it couldnt be delivered because of wrong address so i called USPS and confirmed the address and they later in the same day delivered but the order came with the almost transparent envelop again.

    My big mistake i should had stopped there but since it was practicle and the ANSOMONE was real shit i ordered a new 160iu unit for 465USD+15USD shipping.

    So this 3rd order was shipped and once it got to my city it changed to OUT FOR DELIVERY status so i waited the whole day at home waiting for it... So in the same day at 7PM it changed to 'Wrong Address status' which was false the address was correct, saved and sent for the 3rd time from the same company. So i called USPS and confirmed the address was correct and asked for redelivery and the support confirmed it would be redelivered next day!

    For my surprise on how efficient USPS is at 6am for the next day the Status changes to ' RETURNED TO SENDER '

    So i msg Alan about it and he made me personally go to USPS to complaint and try to get my Illegal HGH from the post office, so even tho i didnt liked the idea it was almost 500USD so i went there at 9AM i was there complaining and they said the item was sent back to the sender and they couldnt do anything.

    So i msg Alan and he tells me the Address he sent is a FAKE address so it wont be returned to him and he cant do anything about it.

    So i called USPS manager center and complained about it and how can a packege be Returned to Sender with half a day attemp delivery also that no one would be at the senders address to receive it since the person was a Tourist and had travelled away. Days later they returned and said they couldnt help me since it was in transit!

    So with all this bullshit resuming it, someone inside USPS saw the packege, saw what was inside just by aiming the packege thru a LIGHT since i bet he used a translucent thin envelop and then they checked the sender address was FAKE so they simulated a RETURN TO SENDER action and kept my shit.

    Alan said so sorry he couldnt do anything. And this way i lost almost 500bucks because probably Alan sent in a cheap envelop saving couple of cents to send in a darker bubbly one and also he doesnt used a fucking PO BOX or something.

    So this has his fault all over on it also.

    So again be carefull ordering from DRUGSGEAR. I ordered dozens of kits from competitors since then and never had a problem and they were professionally packed with senders address being real PO BOX etc....

    Small details makes huge difference. Just wanting to allert people so if i avoid one person to get screwed as i did it will be worth it.

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  15. The see through shipping materials are 100% the fault of the source. No wiggle room there.

    The lost package(s) are up for grabs, because there's some deciding factors that could push the fault either way.

    1). Did you send the correct address with your order? Seems like a no brainer, but it has happened (Fault: yours).

    2). Does the source hand write addresses or use cut/paste/print labels? Hand written (Fault: sources).

    3). When the first lost package came through, was the shipping information legible and correct? If so (Fault: USPS).

    i've had the same thing happen with another source. i called USPS and they claimed my package had the wrong zip code. They rerouted it and when it showed up, the full address was correct, though it was hand written, it was still legible and correct.

    i feel for you, man. That's a tough break and i think if everything you said is true (this is the internet, don't take that personal) then the source needs to reevaluate his shipping methods and should be here a little more often to address concerns for the members to see.
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  16. Coconuter

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    Yeah bro the address was correct i even called USPS the same minute the status said it wanst possible to delivery. And 6am by the next day they returned to the sender, for sure they saw what was inside and simulated a return to sender... On a normal situation they would had tried redelivering or kept it on the post office for couple of days.
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    So again be carefull ordering from DRUGSGEAR. I ordered dozens of kits from competitors

    Which is exactly who you are working for. Get lost fuck stain.
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    Man I hope DG gets the Pharmacom Oxymetos back! That Anadrol is off the fucking charts!
  19. Boybravo

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    Would u give the Balkan Anadrol he has a shot? I'm considering it myself
  20. jackmeoff1

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    Ive heard great things about Balkan and that is the one I was considering going with. I am hoping they restock the oxymetos though. God dam that shit got me huge and vascular like no other.