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    If I remember correctly someone else claimed to get some bunk zphc anastrozole. I dont remember if it was backed up by blood work or not so tifwiw . I personally liked zphc a few years back when theyre brand started popping up , but the last time i ran it their test enth crippled me for days every single time i pinned it ..
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  2. Yeah, i wouldn't touch their shit anymore. Way better options.
  3. LastChance69

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    Well shit, i ordered some tren ace from them. Can you specify on which brands and/or sources carry some great stanz, test e, and just in general great tren? If you can mssg me with something better than what im getting, id greatoy appreciate it bro.
  4. If you're going with DG, might as well grab Balkan or even Alpha Pharma if he still has it.

    Pcom has been having a great run with testing on Anabolic Labs as well.
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    Yeah i got Balkan test but i dont think they carry tren. Also I think the Alpha and Pharm are out of stock with what i want.
  6. i haven't looked at his site in ages, so i have no clue. i know Balkan makes it, which has sparked many debates on their status as pharma or UGL, but that's neither here nor there.

    Check the underground, quite a few sources there, they all have Tren. No complaints of bunk either. Thankfully.
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    Okay thanks brother
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    UPDATE: My pack was delivered this morning. 5 day t/a. Packaging was alright but it still got here! I would feel comfortable saying the Balkan sust I ordered might have leaked a lil bit bc level was kinda low and the vial was oily as pee pee juice. Haha. But all in all im pleased. I did my first pin, sust & tren a, around 4-5 hours ago. Zero pip. Havent noticed anything yet or expected too. Ill let ya know when something changes.
  9. Be cautious with how much information you're throwing out there. You just gave everyone a precise time line of when it shipped, when it arrived, and with the time stamp on your post, we know almost precisely when you pinned said substances. There are unfriendly eyes out there, be safe brother.
  10. Always watch the breadcrumbs you leave behind. A little detail in this thread, a little more in another, so on and so forth, all adds up, and can create a profile for those that dislike our kind.

    Far fetched? Maybe a little. But always better to be safe than to be sorry.
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    Alright ill make sure i dont do it again. Thank you for looking out for me, both of you. Now i feel like an idiot. Hope nothing bad comes of it.
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  12. You're good, man. Just keep security in mind. Before you give any details in the future, take a moment to think if what you're posting could some how come back on you. If you think it will, leave it out.
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    Definitely will do. It comes off as common sense. Guess i got excited. Ill keep myself in check.
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    How did the PeePee Juice feel after Pin?
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  15. LastChance69

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    Smooth. No PIP.
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    Did you get the Balkan Tbol from DG?
  17. No. i bought it from a member that originally bought it from Anabolic/Energy.
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  18. jackmeoff1

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    I just switched from another UGL deca to Canada
    One of the things I have learned about Balkan is that there are a lot of fakes. I am unsure why this UGL is targeted but it is very common and when they are fake they are just straight bunk.
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    I hear Balkan is made in the same facility as some pharma shit... so some people consider it pharma... that could be the case.
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  20. They produce medications that supply hospitals in Moldova. Me and Den84 (not tagging him because i don't want to get into this again) have gone back and forth on this one a couple times.

    i say UGL, he says Pharma. Either way, their stuff tests great, but the bunk stuff that's going around makes it tough to want to roll the dice with them. At least for me.
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