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  1. jhb

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    I see they have some items on there site for pre-order, anyone knows how that works, never pre ordered with them before?
  2. Coconuter

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    Which is exactly who you are working for. Get lost fuck stain.[/QUOTE]

    Im not working for anyone in this industry. Im just sharing my case because as i said when i started searching i found this source on this exact post.

    Due to his badly packaging efforts i lost almost 500USD and his claims was that it was my problem because i gave a wrong address, even tho this was my 3rd order with him, using the same address...

    And what i said is that there are way better sources that are much more professional than the way he threated me and the package itself.

    Instead of trying to solve the problem, refund, send a replacement or even give a simple discount or what ever he lost a client that since then spent thousands on other sources...

    I have the emails conversations and tracking code to confirm my story, so unless your giving me a 160iu Kit or my money back, Fuck Off!
  3. jackmeoff1

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    Yeah, well your whopping 3 message contributions to meso, all of which did nothing but bash DG equates to a big fat meaningless nothing. that isn't how it works around here.

    Again, get lost, fuck stain.
  4. Mike Hunt

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    Wat kinda payment do u take
  5. Sdryx

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    Bro, can you read anything at all yourself? Literally every single post you have made on this forum for the last couple days has been child like asking mommy to hold your hand.

    Damn dude, you sure you are ready to take the reigns and run a cycle yourself without someone holding your hand too?
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  6. Harmswhey

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    He definitely needs to ask momma first.
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  7. Harmswhey

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    If u read anything u would see dg hasn't been in this thread for prob at least 6 months dude.... if you had a brain you would just go to the site and find out yourself. Or you can keep dropping in threads asking questions you will never get the answers to either way good luck.
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  8. Coconuter

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    This Is a free forum where anyone can post content related to it.

    I bet many found my post useful and if i manage to help only one person not get scammed by DrugsGear im happy with that.

    Even if you got butt hurt i hope that you dont ever have to ask him to a replacement of a stolen order, or else you will just have to suck some Alanita Balls.

    Now you go burn in hell !
  9. swolewishes

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    This fucking guy !!! Everywhere I browse ...... cash in mail???? Dude bite the bullet man get some crypto or go stalk the meatheads at the local planet fitness!
  10. jackmeoff1

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    Well, congrats. You helped nobody and nobody cares what you have to say. Why? Because you have 3 fucking posts all saying the same thing!

    It doesn't work that way around here. Don't insult our intelligence. take that shit back to reddit or ASF where it might work.
  11. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    Never had a problem with Allen, my mail man is a crack head though. Delivers my mail down the street few times a month
  12. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    2 weeks into 50mg of Balkan Dbol and NOTHING to speak of.....SMH...
  13. Uh oh. That's not good. i had the same problem with their Tbol, (different source) bunk as the day is long.

    Not sure if it's counterfeits or Balkan is fucking up batches? Mine checked out on the website, but i suppose those verification codes can be manipulated as well.

    Sorry to hear this, man.
  14. 7arthurv7

    7arthurv7 Member

    Sorry to hear about your experience! I have some Balkan dbol too, so now really sceptical about even starting them. What about Pharmacom dbol? Have you ever tried their Dianabol?
  15. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    It's been years since I tried anything pharmacom......
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  16. Honestly, pharmacom dbol has always been good to me when I've ran it. I know pharmacom catches a bad rap every now and then but I've always received what was advertised with their dbol and oil based TNE.
  17. VAGeo87

    VAGeo87 Member

    Agree about Pcom dbol, always been good by me
  18. rpbb

    rpbb Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    weird, Balkan has always tested well at anaboliclab.com. people used to complain about other manufacturers dbol as well until they passed testing. did you guys contact the source
  19. TheObjective1

    TheObjective1 Member

    I tried phramacoms dbol years ago.Back when they would send a hundo pack of 10s with a order and I haven't anything + or - to say. I've been reading this board for years now and seems to be one of the few sources who have stuck around if that means anything man. This board unlike many others I've been a spectator of fucking runs the shills,shitty reps, and sources out quickly. Which I like this board for that reason alone much more then others who pay for logos/sourcing and block and ban any bad reports on those sources.
  20. 7arthurv7

    7arthurv7 Member

    Thanks for your reply mate! Did you mean that Pharmacom dbol was good when you tried it? I have started again (another pack) after taking a break and am on my 3rd day at 40mg per day. When do you start feeling dbol?