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    Like unsaid yrs ago and I ran a typical fitst cycle. Test E/dbol. If I'm 100 % with back then it was trash. Now a days if its good Dbol I can start feeling the pumps so bad in mucles it hurts and you feel this swole feeling .Plus you will know becaise you will jump 7-10lbs in water weight in 7-10 days. But again, that was way before they where as big as they are now and had just started out on this board. But back then an some OG's I'm sure can concure that thier dbol was garabage at that time. But hey that doesnt mean you haven't gotten a good batch dosed on the money I dont know what your my a day is but if your at 20 or higher for 7-10 days and don't get those sides then you will know my man.
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    Something is really weird with Balkan. For some reason they are a target of counterfiets only they aren't selling counterfiet. They sell straight fakes using the name Balkan.

    I avoid that brand at all costs. I wish DG would stock up on Pcom and drop all this hippy shit. Pcom has been the best UGL IMO.
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    Giving these guys a bump. Anybody do anything lately with them? Primo?
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    Drugsgear is not active on this forum. Why dont you order from one of our reliable, cheaper domestic resellers on this board?
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    Because I want real primo. Nobody has any. And I have yet to figure out how to push back the 4th of July.
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    Man first time I have heard drugsgear being the only source with real primo. Yup, probably have a better chance at pushing back the 4th of July:rolleyes:. Good luck in your quest. I must have been delusional thinking I saw lab testing on other sources Primo.

    Best of luck with your time machine. Let us know how that works out for you.
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    I appreciate it brother. It’s good to see we still have a few sincere brothers out there, supporting each other. May you have a blessed day. ♥️
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    Alan is still in business, still the same. Has Pcom Primo.
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    Not lately— because he’s a greedy dick
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  10. I like Alan...he's a good guy. Prices are just not worth it when ive got my other domestics at half those prices...of course its not pcom or alpha...these domestics are small.labs
    But the gear is just as good
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    Have you delt with Alan when there is an issue? Or only when it’s smooth sailing? IMO a source shows his true colors when there is an issue. Alan failed miserably with me.
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  12. No I never had an issue. One time my bitcoin came out like 1 dollar off and he actually made me send the dollar.

    You would think it wouldn't matter

    But overall I only bought from him a few times and his communication and T\A were great

    Product was legit
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    When there is a problem, Like $1 off, is when this guy really shines as an asshole. Cheaper, better options available
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  14. Its true. But when u need something in 3 days. He da man
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  15. Super quick communication and delivery! Thanks for the service.
  16. Forgot he even existed. This thread doesn't get much attention.
    Good to hear he's still a viable option.
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    Yeah I dunno. I like to say that too, even the ones that have mass spec testing but in my experience Pcom just blows everything out of the water. I am not sure what it is about them but that brand just hits me different. I get less side effects and just better effects overall.
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    He’s great for when you’re in a pinch and need something quick. Guys pretty dang fast.
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    Ive used him a lot.
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    I've used him as well. Very fast but very pricey