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  1. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    Anyone ordered Pcom from Dg?
    I'm specifically thinking about PCOM winstrol......
  2. Why not order straight from basic? They're domestic too.
  3. jackmeoff1

    jackmeoff1 Member

    I order from them all the time.
  4. U receive ur orders? Id heard they were being intercepted too much
  5. Nevermind misread

    I meant buying from pcom overseas
    Not from dg
  6. Avnj5

    Avnj5 Junior Member

    Has anyone had experience with the human grade he carries. I saw the bayer Testoviron in stock. He also carries organon Sustanon but doesn’t seem to be in stock. Are these real? Organon is out of business since 2009. Name no longer exists. It’s owned by msd. All other Sustanon in the world says msd or aspen under license from msd. And comes 1 to a box. Many OBS products even say msd If you look at the site. but these sust still have organon logo. Says license from organon. License should be from msd.
  7. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    I placed a order and payed.....
    The email I used will no longer log in....

    I sent email with all the info, please get back to me