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  1. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    Anyone ordered Pcom from Dg?
    I'm specifically thinking about PCOM winstrol......
  2. Why not order straight from basic? They're domestic too.
  3. jackmeoff1

    jackmeoff1 Member

    I order from them all the time.
  4. U receive ur orders? Id heard they were being intercepted too much
  5. Nevermind misread

    I meant buying from pcom overseas
    Not from dg
  6. Avnj5

    Avnj5 Member

    Has anyone had experience with the human grade he carries. I saw the bayer Testoviron in stock. He also carries organon Sustanon but doesn’t seem to be in stock. Are these real? Organon is out of business since 2009. Name no longer exists. It’s owned by msd. All other Sustanon in the world says msd or aspen under license from msd. And comes 1 to a box. Many OBS products even say msd If you look at the site. but these sust still have organon logo. Says license from organon. License should be from msd.
  7. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    I placed a order and payed.....
    The email I used will no longer log in....

    I sent email with all the info, please get back to me
  8. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Is He still getting out orders right away? I have one small item I need to pick up before the weekend, and was just wondering if hes still clockwork like he always was. I haven’t ordered from him in probably a year and his thread has kinda died off. Which is actually probably a good thing lol, if your thread is not full of people bitching, that means you’re doing what you’re supposed to with no issues
  9. VAGeo87

    VAGeo87 Member

    All seems great still recently
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  10. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Cool thx bro
  11. Ambiguous

    Ambiguous Member

    With solid ugl’s why waste your money? You could run a bunch of other shit with the money you’d save. Fuck even hgh
  12. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Not so much with aas, but I used to buy his ansomone frequently. It was legit, passed all of the anti-counterfeit measures. Some may not consider that pharmaceutical/human grade Because it is Chinese, but I do. Not us pharm but legit. Not sure if he has it in right now, but he was out of stock with that for a very long time. But if you have questions about sust authenticity, with so many other options out there, why bother? Moot Point though if he is out of the sust, Because he has been out of it for years and I wouldn’t expect it to come in anytime soon
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  13. Sakuraba

    Sakuraba Member

    Ordered once before about a month ago, fast t/a and quick communication.
    Another order this afternoon, and I haven't heard anything (payment confirmation, etc).
    Anyone in touch with this guy lately?
  14. Boybravo

    Boybravo Member

    Anyone ordered their CABER?
  15. Charlie Gordon

    Charlie Gordon Junior Member

    I ordered from DG a year or so ago & they were gtg.

    That said - and maybe I’m paranoid - but I ordered from them last week and after payment I’ve heard nothing. Sent a few emails, but still no word.

    Shit happens, I get that, but hopefully it’s still g2g.
  16. Charlie Gordon

    Charlie Gordon Junior Member

    To follow up; I think the miscommunication was on my end. DG contacted me, we exchanged some info and 2 days later my stuff arrived.

    So he seems to still be G2G
  17. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    Any update
  18. DonaldPump123

    DonaldPump123 Member

    Literally updated right above your post lol
  19. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    I see thanks lol
  20. wickedwayz

    wickedwayz Member

    Expired inj Dbol and Anadrol...any thoughts on this? From what all I read it should be fine. Anyone else ran expired AAS?