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Expired inj Dbol and anadrol...any thoughts on this? From what all I read it should be fine. Anyone else ran expired AAS?

Unless he had it stored in his basement next to an old timey boiler, they should fine.

Ran expired Test (a Sust style blend) years back that was expired, but stored in a safe. It definitely hit me good with the feelz.


This dude is the most reliable sources I ever delt with. He’s high but damn he’s fast. In a pinch this dude is you’re guy to get what you need and same week. Easily fastest TA I ever seen.


I can feel the veins in my head pulsing with my heart beat when I run 100mg Adrol a day for a while. Have to run a lot of bp meds to control or drop it all together.

And my hunger tanks on high adrol doses.

Lower your dose or keep it to a short run and push through it. But make sure you check your blood pressure on that shit!
I can vouch for the Spectrum Pharma Injectable SD. Amazing. Great communication and service.

They are NOT cheap.. but if you want something fast and legit. Dg is great.



First time using this guy. Just grabbed some nolva and adex but I recieved my pack like 2 days after payment was picked up. Super fast. Communication was great. Thanks!


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