Dude said he hacked my proton and is extorting me for money

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    Fake. LE isn't going to waste their time on some email bullshit.

    Besides, look how they spelled some of their words. Probably another country.
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    They got dick all without physical evidence. Unless they've got you making a buy with a UC, no contraband is no case.

    Unless you run your cocksucker and give them one.

    Seriously, dude is a low life piece of shit. Just ignore his shit and get on with life. They all rely on scare tactics.

    Just like the fuckwits that call up tech illiterate people, have them run a system tree and tell them their file tree is all malware.

    Fuck this cat, his mother, and the fucking cow he prays to(not really, I actually respect the cow's right to exist).
  3. It's becoming the technological wild west now in days.
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    Insomnia is a creative bitch sometimes.
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    Jesus christ you had me at i am hacker... lol :D:p
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    Dude fuckin your pic is awesome