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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ExtremePIP, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Do you guys still use protonmail? How can I contact you?
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  2. amtont

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    I have talked to him yesterday using protonmail. Just so you know in the email he said he had some personal health issues so it was taking him a little longer than normal to respond. I don't want to get in his business just letting people know.

    You might want to try emailing again. Normally he is very good at responding to emails and communication. He is also in China so the timing is different like he answers emails around 8-11 pm in my experience.
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  3. Kim

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    Yeah he’s having a few health problems, but he’ll get to you as soon as he can.:)
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  4. ExtremePIP

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    Hey guys,
    I just wanted to apologize in advance. I'm currently in the hospital - kidney function is not doing well, about to do an AST ALT test, also diagnosed with volvulus. Sadly the doctors are torn between two diagnoses (the inpatient doctor thinks differently than the two emergency room doctors). Currently in a lot of pain, I am so sorry. I didn't expect this to happen, I've never had issues like this before and to be honest I am afraid.
    I hope everyone can understand my current situation, all packs that have not been sent out will be sent tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. I apologize for the inconveniece, I am scared for my health. Any new orders, I will try to take but I am in and out of different wards of the hospital, can barely check my phone + the anxiety.
    I will keep my promo running after I get better as well. Planning to move to a better hospital today.

    God bless and thank you everyone for understanding.
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  5. Dang dude, that's rough. Keep your head up man, and do your best to stay positive about it all. It'll all work out.

    I'll be praying for you brother.
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  6. Kim

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    Hugs and prayers bestie :)
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  7. ExtremePIP

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    Thank you brother, that means a lot. First time being in such a scary situation. Thanks for the support!

    Thanks bestie, all of my love sent your way as well. Thank you as always
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  8. amtont

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    Praying for you. Hope your health starts to improve!

    Your health and well-being is always the main thing!
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  9. gear shef

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    Damn @ExtremePIP sorry bro. Just do what they say and you’ll be good to go soon.

    Any idea on what may have caused this?
  10. blkwidowceli

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    Oh no. Hope you get better soon! Keep us updated! Best wishes.
  11. Any updates Dyna? I was going to complete my order today and was curious if everything is ok? Hope you're feeling better bro!
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    He posted that 19 hours ago...

    What kind of update do you want???
  13. amtont

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    Yeah in his post yesterday he said he would try to get to orders when he can but it is hard for him because he is in the hospital. He is pretty sick from what I understand. Normally when he is healthy he is very good with communication and has very fast T/A in my experience.
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  14. ExtremePIP

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    Hey guys..
    Little update, all packs have been shipped out as of today.. currently will not be accepting new orders; I hope that's understandable and I sincerely apologize. Seems like I had an underlying stomach issue that finally caused this - still in the hospital. Doctors are only allowing liquids, but throwing them up as well~ H-cRP level of 51.. swollen intestines.. ALT at 83, not sure what they said about my kidney values exactly but they said they arent functioning well. Currently on an IV drip of I dont know what, saline and an anti inflammatory and something else.

    Just wanted to be transparent, I was doing great until Friday night.. suddenly my health took a turn.

    Apologies for any inconveniences and thank you for all the well wishers..

  15. Get better man, and thanks again for phenomenal service!
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  16. amtont

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    Get better. Prayers your way
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  17. ExtremePIP

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    Thank you guys for your well wishes, it seems like I'm slowly but surely treading out of those deep waters. I won't get into all that was done, except thankfully my h-cRP level has reduced to 22, ALT is still high but AST is only 57 (still above normal but better than before).
    Kidney function is still lagging behind, constant IV drip. Funny thing is, doctors have no idea of what could have caused this whole thing. I myself, am baffled.

    I will try my best to take orders, however we are currently out of TC and TE (main components of a person's cycle) and we plan on having those both back within a 4-7 day range (two shipments coming in on different dates).
    Happy early Thanksgiving, I hope everyone is healthy and has a good time spending the holiday with their loved ones as well as splurge on shopping after. Lord knows, I miss Thanksgiving: it's been 4 years since I've celebrated in the states.

    As for the above promo, it will still be continued till the end of December. Also, I've been experiencing some issues with my Proton mail.. unable to receive some messages and I just upgraded. If I haven't replied back to anyone, I apologize and please do send me a new email or contact me on wickr at: Dynamiteraws

    Thanks again, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day with your loved ones. For those that are not fortunate, please know that there are always people that care about you whether you know it or not. Everyone has a place in someone's heart, I am grateful for MESO and the community created. I've received more support on here than from some people in my real life.

    Thanks again,
  18. i think pics of hot nurses would make you and everyone else feel better.

    Hot is underlined, meaning no oldies, fatties or old fatties. Please and thank you.
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  19. ExtremePIP

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    There are.. sadly a lack of those here.
    The majority are oldies, fatties and or old fatties. Then you have the 20 year olds that look 15 - which are student nurses. They wear full pink, they look like underaged females.
    It's quite... sad when they try to flirt with someone that is constantly throwing up and shitting liquid. :eek:
  20. Man I wish it was still mandatory for Nurses to dress the way they used to, that was part of the reason why I chose my career path LOL I know call me a slutbag
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