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    I have bloodwork done from my family doctor twice a year just to make sure everything is ok. (I time it to where I have it done when on my cruise). I’ve been working 7 days a week for so long now that I ended up putting my bloodwork off a couple months, along with my blast.:(
    Had to get my bloodwork done and ok’d before I went for lift off ;)

    When I did finally have it done (had to take a vacation day to do it :rolleyes:), my kidney levels were out of range. Enough so that my Dr ordered me an ultrasound just to make sure nothing crazy was wrong. I felt fine though. I pee a lot but also drink tons of water and other fluids, but doc said that it was normal seeing the amount of fluids I take in....

    I was drinking energy drinks on the regular. Also was taking ibuprofen 800mg prescribed from an podiatrist for my plantar fasciitis in both my feet. :(

    So she told me to stop the energy drinks and ibuprofen for a week and then retake my blood work, which I did.

    Thankfully my ultrasound came back great and the second bloodwork had my kidney levels back in range but still on the higher end. Which proved that one of the two (or both) was the culprit. So I stopped the energy drinks altogether. Done with that shit! :mad:
    Only take the ibuprofen as needed. :oops:

    It’s crazy the amount of energy I have now after STOPPING the energy drinks. I was no longer coming straight home from work and crashing, and getting up in the mornings have been so much easier!

    @ExtremePIP I’m definitely not comparing my minor experience to what you are going through but felt this was a good addition to add to yours....

    Everyone should have bloodwork done at least once a year imo. Just to make sure everything is working as it should be. Might even help prevent any future health issues! o_O

    We want to get big af and strong with our chosen lifestyle. We just have to be smart in the process! You look great on the outside while major issues could be occurring on the inside!
    We only have one life! Get jacked, be smart, and live the best and LONGEST life you possibly can! ;)

    Ya never heard anyone say...
    “that’s the biggest most shredded mother fucker I’ve ever seen... in a coffin”! :eek:o_O

    My bad got a little deep there :oops: :D

    Hope you have a speedy recovery @ExtremePIP :)

    Oh, and I’m about 4 weeks into my delayed blast! :p
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  3. @ExtremePIP I replied to your email about my order. Let me know if you didn't get it.

    Thank you man. You have been outstanding in this community.
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    @ExtremePIP, it was good to hear you are feeling better.
    Wish you a speedy recovery and happy Thanksgiving, brother.
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    Thank you so much brother, I read this twice and I still kind of forget every detail. I'm still a little slow today haha. Those words were very kind of you, really helps me out! I'm glad to hear you stopped drinking those damned energy drinks, I had a friend that drank Monster 3 times a day in middle school who almost did die. Thanks for being deep, I needed to hear that. I have made some dumb decisions in the past few months that could have caused this dilemma.
    Thank you again boldy :rolleyes:
    and have a blessed thanksgiving with you and yours.

    Hi brother,
    Expect the usual USPS delays with Thanksgiving shipping. I saw your order email and replied, sadly we don't have Test C/Test E/SUST until the 2nd. Those are some hot commodities that we keep selling out of :(

    Thanks for your kind words brother, I'm not sure which email you were but I have replied to all emails as of this morning.
    Have a blessed and happy thanksgiving brother.

    Thank you brother, have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.
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  6. @ExtremePIP email sent about order confirmation. I know your recovering. Reply when you can.
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    Big thanks to @ExtremePIP. Came through with very fast T/A even though he was sick. Also went above to help with another order so definitely much appreciated!
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    Just want to give credit where credit is due @ExtremePIP. Made an order a few weeks ago and everything came super quick. Everything brewed up perfectly and have been using all of the products and everything seems gtg! @ExtremePIP wishing you a speedy recovery and I plan on being a long time customer, thanks for all you do!
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    Anyone have experience with the primo?
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    Please message me on WICKR, I believe I replied!

    Starting from this month forward, we are only taking orders from old clients, friends and referrals - basically only accepting orders under my own discretion. More will be announced shortly; please understand this will hopefully only be a temporary thing. Reasons will be withheld for now to this public forum... more reasons undisclosed for now, haha.
    Thank you everyone for the well wishes, really appreciate it and love you guys.
    I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and black Friday shopping!
  11. I don’t wanna be “that guy” butt-fuck-it...

    Starting this month - Does that mean today since it’s the 1st, or does that mean at some point in the month of December ?
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    Yep I'm with "that guy" I know it's going to be a little hard for you in the up coming year but...
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  13. @ExtremePIP WICKR sent! Hope I'm still in the "cool" club!
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    Sorry, the main point is I will take orders and decline them under my discretion. I've posted this a week ago in the two Discords I am in, however I realize I didn't give MESO users enough of a heads up. We will open shop for a couple more days and then I will have to become private.. not that the inflow of customers is enough but because of extenuating circumstances. Until I figure out how everything is going to operate with the said law in place, I cannot run business as normal or as freely. I hope it's understandable, and once these issues are hopefully resolved we will be an open source again. Thanks!
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    Excellent customer service great got to deal with thanks for making everything get here fast bro
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  16. @ExtremePIP tried to PM you sir, but there’s no “start a conversation” button
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    Hi guys,
    We are making one last restock in the next 2 days. It will be huge enough to last a good 2 months hopefully:, we have enough stock currently to take orders. Sadly we will have to raise the minimum to $250 an order for new clients, 50g still applies to old customers. This is just for the time being, thanks for understanding and having my back guys.

    Much love,
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    Yo what up D-RAWS! Big time props to @ExtremePIP- thanks for taking care of me. Package was right&tight with a fast TD. Comms on point!
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