Dynamite Raws (International & US Domestic)

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    Thank you my brother! Glad everything came quickly!

    Thank you!!! appreciate it
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  2. Sup, yo. I may have been scammed and need a replacement supplier. I'm looking for a simple order nothing exotic.

    I'm looking to kind of talk about it with you beforehand. Would you mind pming me?
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    Jesse pinkman
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    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I won't be available tomorrow until around 7pm EST, in case anyone messages me on Wickr or Protonmail; I will respond in due tine. If you would like to place an order today, it will be shipped out tonight (morning time EST).

    Thank you guys for the continued support,

  6. TD. My goodies arrived.


    Get it while the getting is good fellas..
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    Thanks big dog! Much appreciated❤️
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    Would like to make an announcement.
    No items will be shipped out of China starting from Dec. 25th, hence there will be no restocks starting from that date. In order to keep this business going, we will have to do multiple restocks before the said date.
    We currently already have one restock on the way, and we currently have a good amount of raws domestically - namely TC, TP, Var, Drol, Dbol, tren A/E.
    I would like to ask for the support of all of our loyal customers to help us get rid of our current stock so we may restock as quick as possible, I'm hoping to get at least 2-3 more restocks before the 25th.

    Also, note that before this deadline this will be the only time we will be able to sell Halo and MENT (so if any of these items need to be pre ordered please do so before the 25th) however we will try to get some of these compounds domestically given the current situation.
    We are unsure of whether the law will be enforced - if it is; to what extent.
    We hope that everything will be back in order by March.

    Also, a heads up - in terms of safety: please take care and be cautious with any NEW raws sources at this time as it makes no sense to start a raw source at this moment Yes, I am blatantly speaking upon another source that just popped up on here and I figured I would do it on my thread rather than break MESO rules and hop in his thread.
    Secondly, if any source tells you that you MUST restock before January that is simply untrue. Like I said, every single source is able to restock until at least the 21st of Dec. unless they have a unwilling freight forwarder, however that is rarely the case as most sources use the same few freight forwarders. Also, these big sources have enough stock to last them Jan. - Feb. It is quite a marketing scheme, however please do not feel like if you do not restock NOW, it will be the end of the world.

    Thank you for your continued support and I hope to continue contributing and being a good source.
    Customer service, quality and honesty are what I stand by, and I thank everyone that has ordered with us.

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    --Tried to send support your way, but received no response to my proton mail.
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    Thanks for the Heads up and keeping us informed!
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    Hey, I'm lazy.... What's your wickr?
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  13. Sent a message please get back to me asap.
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    Hey @ExtremePIP how likely do you think it is that this law will be reinforced and do you think it will be a problem in the long run for everybody?
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    @ExtremePIP hey brother I sent a message get back to me when you can
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    I sent you a proton
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    Sorry miss type, I sent you message on proton to stock back up, I haven't heard from you
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    I’ve sent two proton emails, one was almost a week ago and have not heard back. @ExtremePIP if you see this, forget the old one, bit if you could respond to yesterday’s that would be great.