Erectile doubts

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    Steroids help muscles grow. The dick isnt a muscle.
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    Are you asking me?idk bud but i heard that fat increase with high e2 levels
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    but you told me you like my left the best because it's so rough. All you have to do is communicate, baby. I'll listen.
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    @ickyrica what the heck are you talking about?

    Look this random post bout dbol like recovery aid only training days.I NOTICE THAT MY LIBIDO DECREASE WITH THE TRAINING DURING THE TRAINING DAY AND NEXT TWO.

    Idk why is this?ciuld be a dopamine issue?

    prolactin issue?progesterone issue?
    BTW I notice a lot of lack of energy after sexual performance specially after anal sex my sex drive decrease and being a completely garbage in energy/sex drive terms.

    Timing of DBol/Orals
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    Yes and vice versa. More fat, more E2. More E2, more fat.
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    I guess if I was getting my rectum pounded I would probably lose a lot of energy. Never tried and not about to. Maybe cut out getting your anus pounded.
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    Have you seen any poo on your wiener after anal? Poo contamination during anal sex is linked to a drop in energy.
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    Ya - my energy dropped just readin' that.
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    You mean on the wiener of his friend don’t you?
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    Ok guys no problem

    Dont wirry
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    Post those blood work results
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    16 posts in and I cannot with this thread anymore lol
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    You’re missing the best stuff then!
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    What in the ACTUAL FUCK did I just read???
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    I laughed out loud on this thread! “dopaminergenic” and boner in the same paragraph. Maybe your thinking too hard! Lol
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    This thread feels like an episode of South Park where Timmy is on roids trying to get sex advice from the main characters while they're also juicin'
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    I don't even know what to say to this
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