Erectile doubts

Discussion in 'Steroid Post Cycle Therapy and ASIH Treatment' started by chileandawg, Nov 26, 2018.

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    @chileandawg still tearing up buttholes at the glory hole? Hows the dbol and clomid treating you? lol
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    Missed this one- damn @ickyrica , chilean boy got killed in this thread and took it like a champ
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    Try those dick pull ups if you think pushups are tough. I do em weighted with a trailer park hooker on each leg
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  5. Great thread. Icky was fucking hilarious!
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    Why haven't you snorted strychnine yet? Maybe boot that shit into your heart? Why are you asking for a member by his multiple handles? Will you reply to all of your handles? Maybe even the other handles that we haven't called you out on yet? You think we believe it's only mindless, ctpump and sector51? What aliases did the police address you with when you were investigated for a child abduction? You fake mother fucker.
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