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It is more common than what is thought, that after taking anabolic cycles and returning to a natural state the possibility of a loss of massive erections that was common while on anabolic steroids or even an erection all together becomes a problem.Stress is a big factor ,one form or another everyone discontinuing anabolic steroids suffers stress, whether it be on a higher level, a noticeable one or a minimal one it can effect you directly, some stress when related t our difference in our sexual performance plays a role in erection problems.Because the body is not receiving a greater amount of testosterone when on steroids,that sexual drive, the massive erections are not quite there .This becomes a physiological problem.At this point its very common that stress plays a vital role in the what you think is a dysfunction but really its a mental problem created by us. Comparing how we were when on enhancements and a natural weaker state. Weaker state because if we are not on anabolic or perhaps taking post cycle therapy like clomids etc ..We are not 100 percent natural , our testosterone is hinders while returning to a proper state . Now we tend to compare ourselfs and not like the results of our sexual performance and even thought we are performing on a great level acording to your partner its unacceptable to us , because of our personal comparison to before and after , this thought process and allowing these negative thoughts create a sense of stress , the more we think there is a problem the more we feed the thought that there is a dysfunction ,whether you think of it consciously or in many cases subconsciously and if that's the case then its a bigger issue than what you thought . It may be such a strong negative thought it may cause all together a non erection.
4 things that causes erection problems
1.Stress (anxiety)
2.High blood pressure (medication)
3. Drugs
4. Psychological (insecurity in a relationship, self, or from emotional or financial loss).

Emotional stress, anger, sadness, fear, or performance anxiety can all make an erection go away - or never happen .Communicate with your partner that it isn't her fault. Relax and the fire may return.
During significant stress, one of two things may occur. In the first scenario, the male becomes too anxious to establish enough parasympathetic input to the penis to get the erection in the first place. The result is stress-induced impotence
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Many young body builders who take steroids experience a tremendous sex drive at the beginning. However, with continued use the normal testosterone produced by the body in the testes is shut off. The ultimate result is shrunken testicles. This leaves an individual with decreased sexual desire, decreased performance, and frequently associated depression. An effective treatment for this disorder would be testosterone. This can be given by pill, skin patch, or injection, all of which can increase sexual desire and which are often prescribed for men with low testosterone blood levels.Loveology University :: Erection Problems, Erectile Dysfunction

*Although erection dysfunction can be cause by a number of things im just mentioning one due to stress an of a person not having any medical issues with erection , anabolic steroids does in certain circumstances effect your libio if done incorrectly if so look for info on meso rx forum *


*One thing i did personally i was perscribed cialis 20mg and after one or two dosages i got my confidence back dropped the stress and have gotten more compliments than prob when on a cycle, It may be a mental thing . Give that a try

*Go to a doctor and get your blood levels tested. Its been said over and over again. Be honest with your doctor.

*Comunication with your partner is a big one
*Eliminate all doubt from your mind , meditation , setting the mood right .

Start a stress journal

A stress journal can help you identify the regular stressors in your life and the way you deal with them. Each time you feel stressed, keep track of it in your journal. As you keep a daily log, you will begin to see patterns and common themes. Write down:

What caused your stress (make a guess if you’re unsure).
How you felt, both physically and emotionally.
How you acted in response.
What you did to make yourself feel better.
* this helped me tremendously and i put the list in a visible place , the fridge this website helped alot Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress

Theres many ways to eliminate stress , stress can be eliminated but you have to make positive changes in your daily routine and be willing to make the effort , Thinking positive and visualizing a positive outcome conquered and but following the links and the advice you'll be back on the saddle in no time.


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Thanks for posting this, its been a problem for me, I just got done my second cycle about a month ago and my sex drive is just begining to come back, Ive had problems keeping it up and with reaching orgasm. Im getting married in march, moving to a new house we just bought in 1 month and work is like 6-7 days a week so stress has been maxed out.

I think the stress, psychological part of it and coming off a cycle is all in part for me, I can tell you its a big hit to the ego when sex issues comes in the picture when its never been a problem for me and have always had a high sex drive. Its getting better everyday now and Im happy to have this site for help, so many people here with tons of great advice, I hope I can pass on what ive learned to help others myself in the future.
Some people have physiological issues post-cycle due to the hypogonadal state. Once this is resolved, everything should be ok.

The problem is that a subset of these people will allow the temporary physiological issue lead to longer-lasting psychological issues.

(Of course, the best approach to avoid ASIH completely with proper PCT)


yeah but then theres the problem of comparing normal performance to superenhanced performance while on aas in the gym and in the bedroom
well, there are some very good repurposed drugs coming out for ER. if you want them early ask your doctor about ssri's off label use for ER. it's not all ssri's though. If you are on gear, sometimes if your test dose is too low compared to the total amount of gear taken, you can get ER.
well, there are some very good repurposed drugs coming out for ER. if you want them early ask your doctor about ssri's off label use for ER. it's not all ssri's though. If you are on gear, sometimes if your test dose is too low compared to the total amount of gear taken, you can get ER.

Which ones? I've only heard of SSRI association with sexual dysfunction