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    just want to holla at the pharmacist for once again coming up with the goods. he's also a really nice guy and a professional and dealt with all my concerns no problemo. i bought genotropin which is defo the real stuff, and this is why it's a bit more pricier than other places that sell garbage LOL that they just call genotropin. i know this for sure.
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    I have bought Accutane 2 times from Pharmacist and they always come in their original sealed packaging. I just bought a bunch of antibiotics from him and each pill was out of sealed packaging and and the pills were taped together with masking tape. No way am I trusting loose pills that are stuck in rows on masking tape as legitimate. Could be Fentinal or something dangerous. Very disappointed in this round of ordering from him.
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    Fentanyl... really? :rolleyes:

    He is known to ship in this manner... for years.
  4. I see all the success stories and praise for the pharmacist but I’m a little disappointed at this time. My order was paid on September 30th and was stuck somewhere between [DELETED] and the US. The package was reshipped using what was said to be the fastest method October 18th. The fastest method is at 3 weeks now without delivery. So we’re right at about 40 days right now. No answer to where it is just a couple of answers of 4-5 business days and then 1-3 business days. Still nothing.
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    Ok, thank you. Just trying to be cautious is all.
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    No worries sir, it will be there :) Problems arrise from time to time but no one is left behind. Keep in contact.
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    Its all good, customer understand and everything is ok !

    Best Regards
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    Pharmacist emailed me and explained everything to me. As he said everything is OK!
  9. An apology is due. The pharmacist delivered as he does. Packaging was incredibly strategic and well thought out. All the original packages were there and the most stealth like I’ve ever seen as far as the organization of the products. Extras were included, two of which I’ll use the third maybe not. I was disappointed in the time it took but do understand problems can arise that are unexpected. Would do business again but I’ll order way ahead of needing anything in case those problems were to arise again. Shipment took 23 days from reship. Not sure why the origin country shipping is so slow. This package didn’t show up in informed delivery in the states either. Thank you for your patience with me.
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    Soon to come! Generic pharmaceutical grade cialis! 20mg.

    Best Regards
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    can't wait for that!
  12. Price?
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    Got my delivery of salbutomal early this week to Ireland. Everything well packed. Thanks
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  14. Had another successful transaction with the @pharmacist , he’s always extremely helpful, has helped me a lot for these last two orders. Also the t/a was faster this time
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    From my research on this site I am under the impression the Ovitrelle pen does not need to be stored in the fridge until it is reconstituted in a vial. However, online I read that the pen is only good for 30 days out of the fridge. After 30 days the pen must be kept in the fridge. What is right? I have had a pen stored for ~6 months in the dark at 69 degrees. The pen has not passed the expiration date. Is my pen still good?
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    Also, I am currently using this product. I followed the mixing instructions on page 71. So far, I have taken two 250iu injections without issue.
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  17. Yeah I’ve read on mereck’s site to store in room temp for no longer than 30 days and discard after 30. Tbh I’ve had ovitrelle sitting in my drawer for well over 30 days cause I forgot all about that until you mentioned it lol. Not 6 months maybe 2-3months but when I finally used it it still passed pregnancy tests, felt the same and when I did a blood test for testosterone using the LC/MS method my levels were around 700ng. I wasn’t using testosterone so my T was from the hcg. I guess it’s probably safer to put in the fridge but I’m pretty sure your pens still good.
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    Thanks for the response. I will try the pregnancy test just to be sure. Thanks!
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    Good Day!
    12 USD per tablet.
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    Thanks for your feedback sir!

    Best Regards