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    Yes, viagra 50 mg Oral soluble atbs. Original Pfizer.
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  2. pharmacist

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    Thanks brother :)))
  3. pharmacist

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    Thank you very much for your feedback sir!
  4. pharmacist

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    Happy to hear :) Waiting for your next feedback :)

    Best Regards and THANKS!
  5. pharmacist

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    Thanks a million for your feedback dear friend!
  6. Received another order recently, first order from @pharmacist during this corona thing, had a few orders before. Anyway received my order in three weeks to the west. Thank you sir!
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  7. koast123

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    Do you have any sibutramine or phentermine? Alprazolam (xanax) ?@pharmacist
  8. pharmacist

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    HELL NO!
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    Thank you sir :)
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  10. mo1

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    10 days from payment to receiving my order in western europe. Great communication as well. Would recommend!
  11. Lowt87

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    14 days to Denmark :)

    pleasure as always with Pharmacist:)
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  12. Jin23

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    @pharmacist any chance you could procure a sleeping aid called Ramelteon?
  13. Rohff

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    This product is not available in Europe, the manufacturer has withdrawn its marketing authorization request
  14. Jin23

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    In the whole europe? My psychiatrist, the last time I talked to him about it, implied it's available in certain countries ...
  15. Gr8Wall

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    Pharmacist, is always such a great guy to deal with and been dealing with him for years. Honest, friendly and reliable as they come. Using his KRKA exemestane (aromasin) currently as i have the past 5 years and absolutely love it. He recommended it to me years ago when i told him i did not want to use the arimidex my doc prescribed me and I have used it ever since. On 200 mg per week TRT and about 6.25 mg of this stuff twice per week keeps estrogen in check like clockwork. Best exemestane around by far!
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    Thank you very much sir! Feedback is always appreciated!

    Best regards
  17. pharmacist

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    Thank you my friend!
  18. Neewbiest guy

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  19. Big_Daddy

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    Recieved an order in just over 4 weeks to Texas. Delivery timea are picking back up again! Very satisfied!
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  20. pharmacist

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    Email me and I will check sir!