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    Thank you very much!
  2. Kim

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    TA 4 days! Wow! The packaging was impressive yet elegant... communication as always in a timely fashion. Thank you @ExpressPCT for another perfect experience. :)
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    I just bought a year's worth of cruise, as soon as my blast is over I'm dipping into it. Looks great sitting in the box!
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    Thank you very much for the review! We are happy that you are satisfied with our service and that your order was delivered in a timely manner. :)
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    Hi! It is nice to hear from you gearwolf. We would love to have this medication available as it is very commonly requested, however it is illegal in India and so we can not acquire it for exportation.
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    Just got a tracking number from these guys.

    I thought tracking a package was an easy way to incriminate yourself.
  7. gearwolf

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    if your package gets seized by customs, you'll get a letter, which tracking doesn't affect - it would take a decent collection of letters or a big order of raws/stuff worse then gear to have more than a letter show up at your door.
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    Yeah but I’m saying if LE did decide to come after me that would incriminate me so I’m not going to track the order.

    I was more wondering if anyone else was provided tracking numbers and not just me.

    Thanks btw.
  9. gearwolf

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    Out of the ~5 suppliers on Meso I've used (including ExpressPCT) provided tracking numbers - if you think you can pretend that you didn't a package when seized by customs, good luck with that urban myth working :p
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    Always get tracking.. nothing new there.
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    Hello! We understand your concerns, in an effort to clarify I will briefly explain why it is important for us to provide tracking information.

    Per our FAQ, tracking numbers are provided for all international orders, so that all customers can be aware of the current transit status of their package. We ship worldwide, and so tracking numbers are not only given for select countries. We provide tracking number to customers in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, and many other parts of the world on a daily basis. It is entirely OK to track your package regardless of your country of residency, and we recommend using to do so. If customers do not have this information, they will not be able to know if their shipment is lost in transit or stuck in customs.

    We do not provide tracking numbers for our US domestic shipments, as this is a common security practice for many businesses as it protects against knowledge of immediate shipping location. In this instance we encourage every customer to sign up for USPS informed delivery, that way at the very least you are able to see current transit status of parcels being shipped to your home which may include ours if you have ordered from our domestic line.
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    Nebicip 5mg (Nebivolol) is now in stock for domestic purchase! :)
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    Just don't ever track a package using TOR. Always use the clearnet to track
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    Curious why is this?
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  16. Jswole220

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    Received my pack in 4 days, the package was awesome and everything accounted for. Will use again great communication
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    We hope on Monday to have a final ETA. The manufacturer stopped manufacturing it over December which created a large shortage, on Monday we have been told we will have more information when it is ready to ship to Singapore. We hope it will be good news!
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    Soo is the PayPal option actually an ok option? Would avoid waiting forever for coin base to process