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    Same here, emailed him at the new email and got back to me in minutes, thanks!
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    Well I'm still waiting but have been reassured by GETM. I will keep everyone posted.

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    Please dont worry, your order should arrive any day now, I promised you, you ll get what you paid for, sorry for this delay, I hope it is not because operation pangea.
    Please let me know by email as soon as you recvie it.

    Thank you David
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    If this promo is still going on, when will it be concluded? Thanks for the verification.
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    Hello singularity,

    Yes the summer promo pay for two get three is still on.

    I think it will be on untill the end of August.

    For more info, please send me a PM with your email adress.

    Best regards David
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    Stretch posted that GetM is selling "replicas"? I'm assuming he means some HG stuff? What gives?
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    Where was this posted and which products are replicas?
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    I've read similar discussions on several other forums and I really don't know what the comparison (confusion) is all about.

    We are talking about generic products period and to suggest one is more or less legitimate than the other is like comparing used cars. They either work or they don't.

    Apparently many are unaware there are a few MANUFACTURERS of pressed pill ORALS primarily located in China.

    Those producers are responsible for the majority of all PRESSED Orals in the UGL market.

    Since these Orals are then distributed to MANY different UGLs the AAS content should remain relatively consistent.

    The only difference should be the embossing which the producer/distributor/UGL find agreeable.

    Occasionally however because of price reductions when purchased in large quantities, some UGLs develop an agreement among themselves regarding said labeling.

    Consequently several "labs" may sell the "same product" occasionally deemed "fake", "counterfeit" or a "retread".

    Ergo the ONLY MEANS of determining if a GENERIC product is illegitimate is thru formal analysis or using the product personally.

    Guys if you trust your source then you should feel confident ALL the products being sold are GTG, regardless if they are GENERIC or PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE!

    Best regards
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    To clarify, in fairness to Stretch, I believe this "comparison" (labeling, embossing, capsule/pill configuration, etc) was perhaps misconstrued as a means of determining efficacy, NOT!

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    Right. I don't have a problem with selling replicas of human grade gear (which body research blue hearts are) as long as you don't misrepresent the product.(which getm doesn't... and Z did/does with the omnadren
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    so stretch/Dr. Jim what I'm getting out of this is that the replicas of human grade gear is like the difference between designer/generic prescriptions?
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    No. But I see why you would think that.

    Jim was saying something about Chinese underground oral tablet manufacturing.

    What we are talking about here is a legitimate pharmaceutical company in Thailand known as March Pharmaceutical. March Pharmaceuticals makes an FDA registered product known as Danabol DS (blue hearts), which became very popular with the underground anabolic market.

    Body Research is a counterfeit version of the legitimate product. They attempted to capitalize on the popularity of the human grade March Pharm Danabol by using an identical label, pill design, and the name "Danabol DS".

    Google some pics of March Pharm and Body Research and you will see what I mean.

    The BR (counterfeit) blue hearts have a reputation for being extremely potent just like their FDA approved counterpart. So much so, that now the BR blue hearts are also being counterfeited by someone else.

    I have not seen any definitive reports, but I trust ThaiPharmaWholesale knows what's going on in the SEA market; and could shed some light as to which ones GETM was selling. I believe they are the fake body research blue hearts, not the real ones. Based on TPW's posts. And the posts of GETM's customers. But I haven't ordered them myself from GETM, and I wouldn't know definitively how to tell the difference anyway. I am just going off the opinions of people who live and work in this market.

    GETM is certainly selling a counterfeit/ replica/ generic whatever you want to call it...version of March Pharmas blue hearts. Maybe even a counterfeit of the counterfeit, if they have the fake body research tabs.

    I would never personally use the word generic to describe BR blue hearts. BR is a criminal organization who copied a legitimate product. When you buy generic Vicodin from a pharmacy, you are still getting an FDA approved product, which undergoes the same testing procedures as the original. This is not the case with BR blue hearts. I don't think Jim was saying that BR is the same as generic. He was referring to something Chinese.

    When you buy a counterfeit, or gear from any UGL for that matter, you don't know for sure exactly what you're getting. When you buy human grade pharm quality gear, you know for sure.

    None of this should be read as a sleight against GETM. They deliver exactly as advertised. If you don't want the BR blue hearts, they have different brands of Dbol. They offer a wide selection, and I would bet they got the BR blue hearts because, despite being a replica, the blue hearts have a great reputation.

    I had a friend give me some a few years ago and they were fantastic. Replica or not I would buy blue hearts again if I had a need for them.
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    I get it, thanks a lot for clearing that up bud.
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    ok last question for anyone who can help.

    how would one go about deciphering between real and replica? does it all lie in trust of the source or is there a protocol you guys file?
  17. You never trust your source even if they your mother! If they selling you FDA approved human grade you call the FDA or even the company and ask them about the product you are intending to use. They will be happy to help regarding any and all queries. If you have replicas well then? Don't buy fucking replicas of human grade gear;)

    Point which Dr Jim doesn't clarify 100% and which may confuse people... Yes China is the hub of the underground market even in the production stages all the way up to and including finished pills. India also has a very large market share. Alot of legitimate pharmaceutical hg companies also outsource to these regions for manufacturing purposes so none of this matters? At the end of the day Dr Jim is missing the point that stretch was trying to prove.

    A counterfeit product is a counterfeit product period! BR Danabol DS are counterfeits! Not a generic...

    A generic is a SINGULAR production named and registered drug made in exact specification of the brand name drug they are producing. Licenses and generic patent registration have to be applied for as such. Negligent of where a generic is made it is (or needs to be) a 100% legitimate pharmaceutical grade product that has to pass the standard FDA testing of the country it is potentially going to be sold in. Body Research as sold by GETM negligent of their quality are counterfeits of the Authentic March Pharmaceutical Danabol DS. Its that simple!
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    I'm not sure what Jim would need to clarify. You are buying from a UGL, and getting what is advertised. Most UGL's, including the ones that Stretch is involved with are not selling human grade gear. Thus the term counterfeit is silly IMO. Its being labeled simply because it has a UG label whereas companies like Biologic do not have product with a well known UG label. This is the different between buying HG vs UG. TB I am sure has met with folks at March Pharm, and they have agree to let him act as a distributor. As I have mentioned in previous posts, distributors in SE Asia are a dime a dozen. I'm sure GETM could go down the same path. However as Stretch mentioned, the BR blue hearts work, and have a great reputation. As well, they may offer a cost saving to the customer.
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  19. Yes but SuperMan in the said situation we are not talking about UG labs. With GETM yes they a UGL and no comment on the quality of their brand. What stretch was referring to and myself in my comment is that Body Research Blue hearts negligent of how lucky you get with them they are counterfeits of a genuine brand? UGL or not they are Counterfeits? People aren't grasping this. Its a simple statement negligent of whether they work or not.

    The March Pharmaceutical Danabol DS are not UGL gear, they are FDA registered and tested products. The counterfeit versions are not.
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    My point is simply that most UGLs do not have FDA approved products. I do not dispute the fact the HG gear provides a higher confidence of quality. Counterfeit is being referred to as a product of similar look and quality, that is not FDA approved. This term is silly for a UGL. I see little difference with this UGL, and other UGLs (previously mentioned) that also do not supply HG gear. If anything the quality of the other UGLs is even more suspect as there is less of a reputation.

    The point your trying to make TB is that you are selling FDA approved dbol. Gottcha. You throw that shit in a box labeled "nothing to see here customs". Sounds good.
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