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    I think the simple people are grasping that its counterfeit. GETM sells it that way. The brothers have already decided to use products from UGLs..and products labeled as research well as other UGL produced SERMS, AIs and such that copy other prescription drugs.

    Are you making these statements based on principle?:)
  2. Superman,

    If you understand what iam getting at then why are we still lost in translation talking about UGL's and attempting to talk about TPW services? None of that holds any relevance.

    If something copies something it is a counterfeit. This is not a UGL making dbol, thats cool all UGL's do it and they brand under their name. That is not counterfeiting. But when someone copies someone elses product be it a HG companies product or a UGL companies product then that is a counterfeit. This has nothing to do with where UGL labs stand in terms of their authenticity nor does it have anything to do with GETM's primary line or TPW services. Body Research Danabol DS have copied a registered HG companies product. They are counterfeits plain and simple.
  3. Read my posts nothing was ever mentioned regarding UGL "generics" or anything of the sort that's why i am confused with where this is going... Research chems brand under their own name! UGL's brand under their own name! This is not counterfeiting!
    If a UGL copies another UGL companies products, names and packaging this is counterfeiting! If a research chem or other UG company copies a HG pharma companies products, names and packaging then this is counterfeiting! SIMPLE
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    Funny. I seem to remember you have taken a different approach to "replicated HG gear" previously....:rolleyes:

    Your, not so subtle, insinuation about my reasons for commenting on this topic was heard loud and clear BTW.
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    Is GETM trying to deceive anyone? A legitimate question.
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    A question I've answered, without prompt, over and over.

    The issue at hand is the manufacturer. Not the seller.
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  7. Not directly... NO, to be completely transparent they should potentially get labs done on their BD Danabol to confirm the API and make it known to their clients that the Danabol DS they are selling are counterfeits but contain the correct API and dosing that they are labeled to contain.

    As i was saying, my follow up on comments made by others was merely addressing the fact that BD Danabol DS are counterfeits nothing more, nothing special, nothing less. They are not the real danabol ds. That generic name is a registered generic product belonging to a HG pharmaceutical company. BD have counterfeited this and people have further counterfeited those.
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    Yes! That is the definition. I think there could have been some perceived innuendo whether intended or not which might lead to heretofore and forthwith and so on and such.
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    If the shit works with great results, who the F cares where it comes from :D
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    Well said!
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    Agreed MT, but even though DBol is listed as a schedule III substance under the controlled substance act (because it was once legal to purchase as was Masteril) it CAN NOT be purchased at ANY US pharmacy.

    That's a fact folks!

    So someone please tell me would the FDA "approve" of a product manufactured in another country yet illicit to sell, import, prescribe or possess here, NOT!

    Nope this is more bogus BS propped by Asian labs when the fact is these products are approved by the ASIAN FDA.

    Now someone tell me why they believe a product made in Asia with the lack of quality control measures commonplace in the US and under the supervision of the FDA is anything BUT an UGL, making generic products of a rather dubious distinction.

    How many other products does March Pharmaceuticals sell fellas, has any one even looked, before terms such as counterfeits, fakes or replicas are used.

    March pharmaceuticals is doing NOTHING but tooting their own horn posting this garbage (ON THE NET!) and some are willing to overlook their ulterior motives!

    Have we seem this before oh yea..... who was it ..... thats right World Pharma stating their products are FDA approved! Who manufactures their AAS? Surprise Asia pharmaceuticals!

    Finally I formally challenge March Pharmaceuticals to produce ANY legitimate documentation which states their lab is CURRENTLY an FDA certified facility AND that DBol is specifically included as one of those drugs on the FDA approved "scheduled/controlled substance" list. LMAO!!!
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    100% agree!
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    Hey guys (more info) how many drugs is MP currently approved to sell in the US by the FDA?

    How many non-AAS drugs does MP sell abroad (admittedly it's only an approximation)

    How many AAS does MP produce?

    How many AAS manufactured by MP is FDA approved?

    Hey Thai pharm guy, you seem up to date on this stuff, enlighten us no nots at Meso.

    "I'll be back" the best BB ever, IMO!

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    Are you suggesting that no one would lambast me as being deceitful if I started a UGL and named it....GETM labs instead of GE-TM??

    Same labels...
    Same product names...
    Same EVERYTHING....

    C'mon Jim. You normally hold sources to a much higher standard than this.

    A fake is a fake.

    I like the fake I am done with this conversation.

    But the double standard here is fucking ridiculous...:banghead:
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    Where is the double standard Stretch when the premise was these DBols are special because they were NOT being produced by an UGL.

    No these were special because these D-Bols are manufactured under FDA approval, supervision, quality control and are HUMAN GRADE.

    That is NOT the case!

    Nope MP is just another UGL whom has cornered the
    D-Bol market, because of prior exposure, and wants to keep it that way!

    But one thing they can not do is legitimately claim their DBol product is any better than the other UGL manufactures.

    Ergo whether one company copies another's product is NOW mute since there is NO STANDARD (such as the FDA) which would have ensured MP product is a step above the rest, so watch out for those fakes, counterfeits or replicas.

    Take a look at Thai guys posts where he makes CLEAR the reason fakes are to be avoided is because MP products are FDA approved and anything else is substandard ,,,,, NOT!

    No I see no double standard here at all. They are all UGLs selling generic AAS and the only means of ensuring a quality product is, personal use, formal analysis or trust and know your supplier very well.

    But using pill markings or embossing as a guideline is essentially worthless in the UGL market.

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    With deference Stretch, if GETM is advertising their "blue heart" Dbols as being produced by MP and evidence proves that is not the case, well in fairness, I certainly agree they are guilty of false advertising, mate.

    However I don't know of any lab which has been around long enough and sells a reasonable volume of products whom is NOT guilty of this practice, a great example being rHGH and damn near all of that generic stuff is pure junk)

    Ben initially believed Stretch may have been referring to rHGH at GETM rather than DBol.

    I'm glad such was not the case because you will not locate a more diverse GH product range than what is sold at GETM and I have personally tested FOUR of those products using HPLC and they are unequivocally pharmaceutical grade)

    Lastly a point of emphasis should be made.

    Whether a particular AAS is fake, retreaded, refabed or counterfeited, or "doesnt look like the real deal" matters not, and inspecting a particular pill for defects, markings embellishments or other characteristic features is grossly inaccurate.

    (The exception are the comparisons to a legitimate FDA approved AAS such as Anavar or Anadrol)

    Overall, although I'd prefer a lab to promote their products without using falsehoods, I am much more concerned about people being screwed or scammed, taken, or cheated because the AAS quality sucks is contaminated, or the products simply fail to arrive.

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  19. Q and fucking A :rolleyes::

    Q: Hey guys (more info) how many drugs is MP currently approved to sell in the US by the FDA?
    A: 0

    Q: How many non-AAS drugs does MP sell abroad (admittedly it's only an approximation)
    A: 0

    Q: How many AAS does MP produce?
    A: 4 (Danabol DS, Stanozolol, Methyltestosterone, testosterone Propionate 25mg)

    Q: How many AAS manufactured by MP is FDA approved?
    A: 4


    Now Dr Jim, no one is calling out GETM, well not me at least. Your calls on World Pharma are almost surely specifically aimed at Asia Pharma. True, not pharma grade and anyone dumb enough to believe that by looking at their company profile, product range and presence are thick as pig shit.
    Even their claim as being FDA registered in Thailand was nothing but a once off attempted local import on a few of their products which they got privately tested and approved for market sale and had to register under a different name. That's doesn't prove you're a pharma grade company, that's getting a pharmaceutical distributor to register imported meds for local market sale. A solid UGL could pull off FDA import injectable grade test. Its not that fucking hard and that's not what the discussion is about.

    March Pharmaceutical has been faked by a number of people with a number of outlandish products, they are not behind any other Anabolics any one may have seen on the net and they do not export, period! They are a fully registered company and all of their products are FDA approved as can be seen on MIMS.

    I understand what you are getting at but you have got this all wrong and i don't know who you think March Pharmaceutical CO LTD are? This is exactly what the issue is here. They are a company with over 100 other registered Pharmaceutical products on the Thai market only 4 of which are anabolics and all of which are used extensively on the local market here most notably in government hospitals. You are trying to pin them as a lab focused on steroids when they have a registered capital and government pharmaceutical supply in the multi millions of dollars.

    So a correction on your prior statement. YES March Pharmaceutical co ltd is a registered, licensed and approved pharmaceutical company. They are not focused on sales in Anabolics and such is obvious by their real company profile and the fact that the legitimate Danabol DS is not even available in the Pharmacies here where the counterfeits and other ugl's are sold a plently.They are FDA registered and approved products and the Thai FDA can be contacted at any time regarding this to confirm the generic name registrations just like you could contact local FDA of any country regarding any registered products on their records.

    Don't speak with no knowledge of a company based on fake products on the net and presumed profiling! None of what you have said relating to March has been accurate and this is the exact reason people shouldn't support the sale of counterfeit products.
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  20. And Dr Jim, to avoid a potential bias response may I repeat again.


    Right now you could call out arguably the 5 biggest AAS suppliers on the net for selling counterfeit Danabol DS! And anyone with knowledge on here could quickly come up with a 5 list of big names who have the counterfeits on their website as i write this post.

    All that should be known to the user or potential buyer is that these products negligent of their effectiveness are counterfeits of a legitimate pharmaceutical companies product. Its that simple no ifs, ands, buts, ugl this this that, Asia fda yada yada crap or any excuses. That has nothing to do with the simple and what should be obvious conclusion.
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