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  1. Too many freaks not enough circuses ...
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    Perhaps MPs products are approved by the Asian underground "FDA" have no idea and don't give a shit, but perhaps now MP could compete with World Pharma.
  3. World-Pharma is a steroid source, like naps or alin or any other online store... They may have what seems like monopolized supply on specific brands and are also possibly the owners of these brands but that has nothing to do with what we are discussing? We are discussing a pharmaceutical company not a steroid source, are you missing something? Not UG, not under the table, not anything... A fully registered, licensed and regulated company?

    So in essence then what you're saying is that every generic drug or drug period produced in Asia by legitimate pharmaceutical companies is on par with UGL's and are also therefore freely open to be counterfeited by whom ever pleases and that's all good? :confused:
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  4. And to add to that I don't see what the fuck any of this has to do with US FDA drug registration? Why on earth would a domestic South East Asian company register domestic products with anyone but their domestic FDA? Are you missing a piece of the pharmaceutical industries puzzle or are you just posting up in an attempt to protect a source that needs no protecting as no one is attacking them? :drama:
  5. You're talking in circles about this fucking dbol. Jim is saying that there is no USA FDA approval on the dbol. Your half assed asian FDA may have an approval but who gives a shit. 99% of the people on this site live in.....ready for it? USA, the place where you don't sell. I'm just confused on what you are trying to accomplish. YOU make the best FDA approved dbol that most of us can't buy. Congrats bro!
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    Better find you a circus then Brah!
  7. Dr Jim, are you affiliated with GET-M labs? I don't necessarily disagree with your arguments here, just curious.

    I've never bought from these guys; though they seem like a good lab from most accounts in the thread. You just seem to jump to defend them very quickly.
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  9. Can't get much clearer then that, thanks.
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    But I've used them for years and have found them to be NOTHING but a reputable and diverse source of high quality products.

    I don't like it when anyone prances onto Meso as the truth police when the vary issue they clam is "factual plain and simple" has NOT been formally litigated in the court system, which is where this discussion belongs.

    Why is it MP never filed a copyright violation against BR regarding this matter? No instead they propagate their version of the truth on blogs and forums to "protect DBol patients", LMAO!

    You see MP was manufacturing DBol in Thailand "for BR" up until 2010. Thereafter the two companies had a "disagreement" and went separate ways however BR states MP stole the "blue heart" idea from them and vice versa.

    Ergo neither company have a legitimate claim to this product until said litigation occurs, IMO.

    More importantly I don't give a shit, unless others continue to propagate this notion of fakes, counterfeits, retreads even though bonified ownership has NOT been clarified.
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    Let me clarify why US FDA certification is so important.

    Because MP has stated, as has Thai guy, their DBol is "approved by the FDA" AND 90% of the time they fail to mention it's the Taiwanese FDA. (I'm sure that's no coincidence and a deliberate attempt to deceive interested readers!)

    Nonetheless a primary function of the Asian market FDA involves licensure, certification, and new product approval, yet quality control and oversight is one area almost all Asian "FDA" regulators contend is the "owners responsibility".

    Obviously this is relevant since the basis for MP claims of a "better product" is their FDA certification.

    However once folks in this country realize it's NOT our FDA approving MPs products, these lame claims of a superior DBol product begin to fall on deaf ears.

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    One moment TB doesn’t know shit about GETM.

    The next minute, he is insinuating that Jim is defending GETM, when in actuality Jim’s comments were simply aimed at clarifying and shedding light on comments made about replicas.

    Wonder who is holding TB’s puppet strings…;)
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    I've much respect for you, Mythotik, but your post is one of a defeatist throwing his hands up and settling for what he feels is the best he can get.
    Scum bag Uncle Z's dream is to get those he's lied to and gotten over on is for all to have that attitude.
    I've had, and continue to acquire UGL gear that I believe to be on par with hg stuff. The thing is, my cost should reflect the fact that it's UGL and not HG....and it should be advertised as such.
    Believe that cunt Uncle Z, Robbie or any other affiliated lames aren't consulted and labs aren't done before purchase. They're just told to sell sell sell.
    I'm currently running 400mg of Watson test cyp/ew(from an hiv patient) and about 400mg of tne from a top ugl.
    I'm using the Watson because it's available and for what it costs me it makes sense for me to run it. I don't think it's any better that any of the shit I run from my guys.
    When it comes to gh my thoughts are a complete 180. I'm running 4iu's of serostim/ed and wouldn't know how to compare it to rips hyges or any other generic.
    When it comes to gh and rips/hyges, it's all about your source. There are 2 sources that you can rest assured will get you legit product. But even with that, the sides associated with rips and the amounts required to see quality gains are not what I accept as cool.
    When I'm told that to appreciate the quality gains I've made off rips happen when I come "off".....that's all I need to hear. Seros are money. Yes...seros cost, but work hard to find that connect. Otherwise, I'd buy more tren.

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  14. Ok DrJim more incorrect facts they are not registered under the Taiwanese FDA? come now thats more silly that wanting them to be US FDA.

    Secondly March Pharmaceutical company limited hasn't stated anything. They do not produce their products for export and talking from personal experience the owners would think tren was a mountain bike if you asked them. They are a Thai company through and through with no intentions of making money as a source for the off label use of anabolics.

    Thirdly I am not going to dispute your claims of the US FDA being head and shoulders above pretty much every FDA in the world. You are 100% correct in regards to all aspects from legalities to quality control. That still however has nothing to do with the fact that Body Research Danabol DS are counterfeits of a legitimate pharmaceutical companies registered product which is the bottom line of all of this at the end of the day.
  15. Iam not talking in circles about anything. I was called over to this thread as previous posts will reveal to discuss the issue. It is not my Dbol, I do not represent March Pharma and I don't care that 99% of the board is from the US. This has nothing to do with TPW as a source or GETM as prior stated. This is simply about the fact that BR danabol DS are counterfeits. You're trying to turn this into something its not. Its a simple statement that was raised by another member that is a simple fact. It has nothing to do with FDA or quality of counterfeits or fucking anything.... Its the bottom line that BR danabol DS are counterfeits of a registered pharmaceutical product. That's it.
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    Prevalent corruption in Thailand is a way of life, its not the exception, it is the norm. Its just a different culture, I don't think they even view it that way. There are very few government, police, or regulatory officials that can't be bought. So stop with the bullshit. There are worlds of difference here.
  17. No ones claimed anything to suggest otherwise so I don't get your point? Did I not agree with DrJims post? The worlds of difference statement is meaningless... And I don't see any bullshit in the simple statement that Body Research Danabol DS are counterfeits of a registered product? That's all don't know what all this defensive, ulterior story telling fuss is about.
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    Your assertion is quoted above. My response to this assertion is directly below.

    Topic of counterfeits, already addressed.
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    Well cool then. I'm gonna start making aburaihan amps. Since the Iranian government is also corrupt its no big deal right?:rolleyes:

    I will sell them to steroids fax....and I'm sure no one will say anything...because its a legit product...and the Iranian fda is a joke anyway.
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  20. I don't understand the logic either and I think its down to 2 unfortunate facts that normally upstanding meso members are taking this issue for a ride, resorting to double standards and nitpicking at any possible angle they can to avoid the facts:

    1) Its on a source they feel they need to defends thread.
    2) Its because a "source" is posting this information and stating the facts.

    Sacrificing ethics and attempting to hide or blow off the truth because you feel you need to defend someone or discredit someone else in anyway possible is low and pathetic to say the least.