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  1. No, they're independant. No affiliation as far as I can tell.

    When I looked into this, I was trying to determine if Razak D-bol was hg and when I found Razak Iran's webpage, I thought I found the answer. I was surprised to see this statement:

    "Warn to athletes & consumers of hormones and steroids
    This is to inform you that, fake products presented under title(logo) and brand name of RAZAK Labs. Co. in the internet such as testosterone,DROSTANOLONE ,NANDROLONE ,etc.…… (in Dosage form of injectable and tablet) as bodybuilding supplement. RAZAK Laboratories. Co. hereunder declare that these supplement medicine as a counterfeit products and this company does not have any product under “Hormones & Steroids” Category. Attention! Consumption of these medicines & supplements are extremely harmful." ​

    Since there ARE Razak AAS on the market, I tried to find the origin. All I have been able to discover is that the Razak AAS on the market supposedly comes from a European ugl, but I'm not even sure about that. Talk about shady.
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    Impersonating another company I take issue with.

    Although, if a company wants to look like Starbucks, similar logo, environment, etc., coffee is real, and of quality, but inform people they are not "Starbucks", they are "Jonny's" - That is there choice.

    I am not defending this behavior, but it is very prevalent in developing countries... lets just say, "it is what it is".

    However, saying the coffee is Thai FDA approved, wouldn't give me any additional comfort that there is any better caffeine quality.

    Just like we don't need Iranian FDA approval to know that Aburaihan Amps are good.

    So what is the point of championing Thai FDA approval like it means something?
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    When BILLIONS of dollars are involved the corruption will be rampant.

    Folks "we" are taking about how to legitimize illegal activities and to ensure UGLs are ethical how hypocritical can one become. This notion is absolutely silly, IMO.

    Talking about a double standard, the idea is utterly absurd since the AAS users and forum participants themselves are the genesis of the corruption!

    In other words eliminate the demand and the supplies dwindle as does ethical issues such as; fakes, copycats, retreads etc.

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    Considering the nature of the more recent discussions on this thread, I suppose you should define legit.

    Are they "approved" by the Twianese FDA nope.

    Do they sell BP "blue heart D-Bol" apparently.

    Can you locate even one legitimate complaint about GETM on all of Meso, not that I'm aware of.

    Is their client "communication" lacking on occasion, I suspect so.

    Do they consistently sell a diverse range of high quality products, yep!

    Are they the ONLY "Meso MEMBERs approved" lab?


    Others certainly include SteroidsFax, Hercules and quite possibly BioLogics. The latter two are relatively new to this forum however ergo their approval is best deemed "provisional" pending a test of time, IMO.

    So do check out the "other AAS guys" I mentioned on Meso since the scrutiny and utter punishment some have had to endure to remain a viable force on this forum is noteworthy, in it's own right.

    Oh and do thank the Meso members for clearing the way.

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  5. Let's assume for a moment that March Pharnaceuticals in indeed licensed by the Thai government.

    From what I understand, Body Research manufactured Danabol DS for March at one time but now March wants them to stop. If true, wouldn't that mean Body Research is also a legitimate pharm manufacturer in Thailand? Afterall, if the Thai government "approved" Danabol DS, then it approved a product that was made by BR for MP. If BR is just an ugl, then it appears the Thai government will approve products made by an ugl.

    Here's the question I have and I haven't seen it addressed by anyone yet:

    If Body Research wanted to "counterfeit" a product March had trademarked, i.e., Danabol DS, why would BR place their own name on the product and not "March's?"

    If these companies are indeed licenced in Thailand, it seems more likely to me that BR is producing a product for which it believes it has the rights and March is crying sour grapes. In fact, given the level of corruption that exists in Asia, that scenario is entirely plausible.

    Just my $.02.

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  6. Fuck can't you read?? No one ever disputed this bullshit tangent of yours, this was about counterfeit products in the purest sense. :rolleyes:
  7. Otherway round CBS, March Pharmaceutical has had license and registration over that generic name and product prior to the AAS scene boom of that product, during and now in the aftermath.
    They were approached by BodyResearch and pretty much requested to allow branded supplier "supply" if you can put it that way. This is also the reason they were listed as the manufacturer (not the supplier) of the products on the original containers and now the counterfeit ones aswel.:

    >March: "Yes we manufacture said product and are open to partnership if it is to our benefit."

    >BR: "Thank you here is your money we are now the sole distributor of your 2 AAS products"

    Later on down the line:

    >March: "Our products that you are supplying are being openly sold on the international market, have been counterfeited, are earning us a bad and seedy reputation and garnering too much attention from regulatory authorities. Contract suspended."

    >BR: "Cool fuck you we will make our own and still use your lovely little lab as our said manufacturer."
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    Why do you continually refer to them as BP blue hearts Doc?

    Body Research is the name of the company.
  10. The name of the counterfeit company.

    Between that and Supermans dyslexia putting TBW instead of TPW 90% of the time when having a flame anyone trying to follow this foolishness will have concocted a picture of countless labs, multiple non existent sources, something that should be "taiwanese" FDA registered which is made in Thailand which should also be US FDA registered or not be mentioned at all. Therefore it is against Meso laws to use the word counterfeit. Adding insult to injury this is all on GETM's thread which further compounds the confusion of what is a simple point at the end of the day. :drama:
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    Yes, I have previously stated TB not TBW - no W. Its ok, I forgive your error too, when we're busy grammatical errors happen.

    If the premise of your claim is because BR does not CURRENTLY have Thai FDA approval, they are labeled: counterfeit. I concede, based on your premise. However, as I previously stated, the Thai FDA approval gives me no additional comfort of quality.

    I also pointed out that there are a lot of quality pharmaceutical companies without FDA approval in their respective country.

    I doubt your speculation of what happened is accurate. In fact, I think Jim comments are a more apt depiction. But I don't care enough to contest further...

    Both companies, no doubt have quality products, with quality labs.
  12. TP or TPW would have been more fitting... Wasn't refering to the missing W? Like P for Pharma? Or Puppy? TPW, no worries though and yes agree to a number of your points hope this can be put to rest now.
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    How many people have used Ge-TM successfully then?

    Thread seems to have been derailed somewhat...
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    A few here have. Not many vets have purchased gear from them because they are international and expensive. They are a source to use until you can find someone better or meet enough people for a referral.

    Hercules is a much better option IMO. And I am not affiliated with Hercules at all.
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    I recently placed an order for some items I couldn't get through Prologic. I got tracking numbers two days after I paid so when I get I'll post. I can tell you that the prices they are offering on Genesis products now are unreal.
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    Next time there is something you can't get from biologic let me know. I will refer you to a good referral only domestic lab that will get what you're looking for.

    Theres just no reason to risk customs IMO.
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    I completely agree. I dont know why anyone would risk customs this day and age. To much can go wrong. Let someone else import it (take the risk)and send it to me domestically.
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    Sending by post from EU to USA is safe, we have about 95% succes delivery, if by any chance parcel is seized, we gurantee free reshipping.

    Best regards Daniel
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    Right. At the very least, if said risk is going to be passed to the consumer, the pricing should reflect that. When domestic UGLs are charging $30-$50 for 250mg test how an international source charges more than that is beyond me.

    If you're a new guy without better alternatives, then GETM is safe...but not smart. An exception would be if you were looking for something that isn't available elsewhere, such as pharm quality GH.
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    I've used sciroxx tren A, Test 250 E and taking Dbol now. I'm only speaking from prior experience but the products seem weak to me, not really impressed.