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    Its not a matter of being g2g. There are solid quality products coming out of Thailand. I'm just saying the quality review processes in Thailand and the US are not the same. A good company will have a good internal quality review process, so they have a quality product. That does not mean the regulatory bodies in the said country will mandate the quality assurance to the same level of diligence as the US.
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    If I felt the need to defend GETM for a personal motive, I think I would of first finished my review of their product, prior to running gear from another UGL.
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  3. The whole tommy boy, take a crap in a box and mark it guaranteed comes to mind here.

    That's how I feel about any counterfeit gear. Back when HG gear was all you could get, and UGLs hadn't really even taken off yet, that is what you worried about. Getting counterfeits. The few times I did get counterfeit gear, I never said to myself that it was ok if it worked, You just got beat.

    Any UGL test cyp 250mg/ml gear stuck in a nice Watson box is ok then because it really is test cyp? That's a crock if shit. Gear shouldn't cost a premium because it resembles an HG product.

    The times they are a changin I guess.
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    True. It is, unfortunately, an unethical (there's a whole separate can of worms) but highly successful marketing ploy. Caveat emptor should always be the rule.
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    Watson, MP, and BR, I'm sure, all carry products that are g2g. This is not to say the quality review process is the same. The only product we can be assured of a consistent quality review is "Watson". MP's internal process may be outstanding, as is the case with a lot of other well known brands that are toted as being of excellent quality.
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    TP if you really want me to believe NONE of the negative publicity generated regarding the issue of 'Dbol legitimacy" and whom is responsible for those posts is anyone BUT MP and serfs like yourself, your living in the land of OZ.

    Who says MP is the rightful owner of name "DBol blur hearts" you, MP, BULLSHIT!

    ! Ive asked you previously post a legal ruling on this matter, (by anything other than a Thai village consulate) then and only then will we know WHO IS GUILTY of producing FAKES, REPLICAS, RETREADS, or COUNTERFEITS, MP or BP in this instance.

    Otherwise you and your MP minions will appear as nothing more than Thailand cry-babies, whom were beaten at your own game. selling UGL gear as HG (all under the "supervision of the Tiawanese FDA" lol) and crying foul when another UGL "copies it".

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  7. I am not going to sit here and argue with a person who has zero understanding of pharmaceutical drug registration laws or even basic geography. Your flaming for the sake of defensive and in an attempt to discredit a legitimate product. If you don't care about the fact that they counterfeits or if being a registered product in a jurisdiction besides the US means nothing to you then fuck off.

    Generic drug laws states that!
    The generic drug registered as DANABOL DS may only be registered ONCE under that name for that API dosage form. Its commonly known knowledge even to people who merely buy generics that a sale name has to be registered and may only be registered once by default.

    Secondly all the counterfeits claim on their little mock up bottles that they are produced in Thailand, please post up their production licenses and generic drug registration? Oh.... Some even still claim to be produced by March Pharmaceutical? Hmmmm bit strange for your argument don't you think that they are the potential original but claiming a legitimate lab is falsely making them?

    Thirdly here is a link up to the Thai FDA's website showing a list of Registered modern medicines manufacturers who are GMP approved, within the list it also shows the licenses they hold. Please note how Body Research are not present. Please also note the extensive list of licenses that March Pharmaceutical hold which cover the manufacturing requirements for Danabol DS and their recent renewal. Thanks, for any more information contact the fucking FDA, I don't represent March and I am not a PA.

    >Anyone who cant understand this statement in its simplicity:

    "Body Research Danabol DS are counterfeits of a legitimate pharmaceutical product."

    >Is a fucking idiot period.

    This is a registered generic drug, a legitimate Pharmaceutical product made by a legitimate and licensed Pharmaceutical company. If that means nothing to you and you want to use the Body Research or any other counterfeits of this product anyway then this post wasn't directed at you.
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    Why would anyone be surprised that contains malware and broken links? Also lacking in quality and content par with Quality review process in Thai and US - NOT THE SAME. Apparently that bears repeating, over, and over, and over again.
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    Yeah want to build a straw man argument to distract from the real issue being discussed. We continue discussing the continue assembling the straw man...I agree it is getting redundant.

    The real issue has been stated over and over and over again

    You don't deny it. You just say it doesn't matter. Fine. TPW and myself have stated that the THAI FDA is a shadow of the US FDA.

    I find it preposterously arrogant of you to think anyone needs to be informed of such a thing. Its a laughably obvious statement, which hasnt been disputed and does nothing to change BRs blatant thievery of a registered pharmaceutical product.

    Again....the Aburaihan Amps come to mind. Can I fake those and expect the same impunity you have extended to BR?

    If its so fucking easy to get Thai FDA approval...wouldn't AP would have done the shit by now? If its so easy, why did BR steal MPs design in an effort at mimicking a HG product? Why not just go register their own....PURPLE HEARTS???
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    Aburaihan Amps are fda approved in said country (Iran), correct? - Hence the reason they are a quality product? Can you point me to this link. I am having a hard time finding it. Just want to make sure we are talking apples to apples. Thank you.
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    No. I will not assist the perpetuation of you straw man argument. It is nonsensical, and the manner in which you are conducting yourself right now, not to mention the content of your post history, clearly shows your devotion to endless debate rather than logical application of knowledge. The overwhelming majority of your posts deal with lambasting new sources. You are the George Zimmerman of this board. Wannabe.

    TPW and I have conceded every logical argument you have introduced. The Thai FDA isn't what the US is, its not a GETM issue etc...

    Your refusal to label BR danabol as a counterfeit, your continued side-stepping, and avoidance of the issue has clearly demonstrated your desire to "be right" rather than have an intelligent conversation. Subsequently this conversation has grown tiresome.

    For the 2nd time...I am going to try and check out of this thread.
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    “THAI FDA approval doesn’t really mean that much” + “There are a number of high quality pharmaceutical companies that are not FDA approved in their irrespective still developing county” = “My point”
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    OK so anyway... Is GE-TM Labs legit?? They don't have any prices on their site.
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    To everything else you have stated outside of my above mentioned point, including your slights, I would have to care. - I don't.
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    Yep, Thai FDA "certification" is analgous to mob approval in 1920s America, you get what you PAY FOR, lol.

    Ever wonder why very few overseas, especially Asian, pharmaceutical companies are NOT granted access to the multi-BILLION dollar drug sales market of this country?

    It's quality control pure and simple.

    So TP go stomp your feet, shout at the heavens and post "foul, fakes, counterfeits" on all the US based AAS forums until your little heart is content, but one things is for certain, NOTHING your little piss ant Thialand drug company manufactures is good enough for rhe USA, and that speaks volumes about how "superior" MPs products really are!

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    Yes. Legit.
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    Prices? Domestic?
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    You have to PM or email them for the price list.
  19. Surprisingly, it seems you probably can. I did some research into Razak Pharmacueticals a couple months ago to determine if Razak's D-bol was ugl or hg. Razak is a legitimate Iranian pharm company that was a subsidiary of Pfizer International before the revolution. They explicitly state on their homepage that they DO NOT produce hormones. It appears a European ugl has stolen their name and logo.

    Here is the logo from the real Razak.


    And here is the D-bol made by an ugl using their trademark, security features and packaging. It's one hell of an elaborate copy. My first thought was Razak Iran was manufacturing AAS as a "side business" to sell on the black market but I have been unable to verify this. I'm still amazed at the depths of corruption that exists in the AAS business.



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    Its neither here nor there for the argument at hand. I could make counterfeit products of ANYTHING not approved by the US FDA and expect to be defended by S4 given his arguments above. Even tho the arguments above clearly contradict the statements he has made previously. He has openly lambasted UGLs for copying HG gear in the past. It is ridiculous. He doesn't defend because his post history is indefensible against the statements I've made.

    As seen here:

    Very interesting/ informative post tho bro. You got a knack for research.

    Are you saying Razak is a parent to Aburaihan? Or affiliated in some way? I thought they were independent of one another.
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