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    I just ordered, will let you know how everything goes. Thanks for the quick responses Dan.
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    Don't call it "safe" because it isn't. There is a risk involved. If there wasn't a risk, you would hire a remailer and mail from within. You don't because there is a risk, and your business model is to pass that risk to the consumer.

    I have ordered internationally, and if necessary I would do it again. There is an EXTREMELY SMALL chance of getting anything but a love letter/slap on the wrist from customs, and since GETM will resend for free. There isn't MUCH risk. But the risk is there. To call it "safe" is misleading to the newer members who use your service. It isn't safe.

    People from this forum have had controlled deliveries performed after ordering personal use quantities online. It happens.
  3. Exactly. There is a risk ordering internationally or domestically. The chances of getting caught are greater with international IMO. Customs has a job to do and you're trying to get through. It's a crapshoot.
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    @ stretch (People from this forum have had controlled deliveries performed after ordering personal use quantities online. It happens.) do you mean a fake source if so that's fuckin lame!!!
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    How many parcels have you sent from EU country where is no antidoping law to the states? How long you're in this business? Have you run a successful lab that has tens of resellers? Please stop spreading nonsense, buying gear from domestic source is risky also, nothing is completely safe, at least I have my lab and warehouse in a safe place in a country where is no law against steroids, I think that what is not safe at all is to run a lab in the states, since we here every while about a bust.

    Good night from Europe.
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    Now we agree. It isn't safe.

    I never said buying from a domestic was safe. YOU said buying international was safe.

    Would you care to discuss which is MORE safe?

    Didn't think so:rolleyes:
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    No. I mean a guy bought 20 or so amps...

    Got his pack a month later....everything looked fine.

    He opened his pack...and inside was all of his a small plastic device.

    He had a dinner date with swat a few minutes later.
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    @ stretch.... God dam that would suck.... :( poor guy got it than got raped....
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    Oh my now I'm parnoid, I'm going to be checking every bottle/package under a light!!!!!!
  10. Says who? A competing source?
  11. So what? Welcome to sales 101. It's a cutthroat business.
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    Pretty sure thatz in my signature....didn't mean to hurt your feelings if you used them.

    Option A--Purchase my steroids from a source that takes the risk of importation off my hands and charges $30-$70

    Option B--Purchase from a source that passes the risk of importation on to me, the consumer, and charges $50-$80.

    Gee that's a tough one.

    And BTW who says I am a competing source?? GETM doesn't, and won't get the customers I want. I refer everyone considering GETM to Hercules. Period. Read all my posts on the topic.

    This is NOT about lining my pockets. Ive been preaching for YEARS (long before thefe was any supposed financial benefit)not to go international. Its a stupid risk to take, if you have the option to do otherwise. I will not bridle my comments in order to avoid appearing to have a subjective motive. My post history shows the truth to anyone who cares to look. I call it like I see it. That will never change regardless of what my "hobbies" are.
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    WORD :cool:
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  14. I agree.
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    For an ignorant "Noob" like me that makes perfect sense
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    [:eek:)][:eek:)] I just looked at your signature, love it. ;)
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    I wasn't even aware there was a debate about avoiding US Customs whenever possible? This has nothing to do with GetM, it has to do with common sense.
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    I agree with you comments about a domestic source.

    Also, HERC gear cheaper, "yes". Apparently, you get what you pay for. I made some initial gains, but I was also coming off of HG gear, and a couple pinz of GETM gear. Gains diminished quickly a few weeks in when all the other gear cleared my system.

    I always try to be a straight shooter with everyone. However, since I am always on cycle, and I am sometimes trying different brands, it can be difficult to know how good the gear is initially.

    I'll be posted on HERC's thread soon. In the meantime there is still time to make dummy accounts raving about the gear. Not that you would have any reason to do that ;) After all, HERC doesn't have the customers you want? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    LOL touche'!

    He might have a couple I want ;)

    But I won't say he is doing anything wrong until that's been shown. There are a ton of sources...but even more customers.

    You catch more flies with honey.
  20. Never used them. Don't know anything about them.

    Don't forget those risks acquired by the domestic source include being subject to US laws on wire tapping, domestic surveillance by US law enforcement, warrants, etc, etc, etc, and that can provide a treasure trove of information on customers.

    It's true, the customer assumes the risk of importation but doesn't typically have the risk of the international source getting busted by US law enforcement and divulging customer info to avoid prosecution.

    It is if you think about it. You make it sound like domestic is walk in the park compared to import sources. It isn't. There are significant risks involved to the customer with both options. That's a fact.

    Also, the high prices you quote for international ugl's are not typical, IME. Some are expensive, particularly well established sources but not all. Some domestic is pricey too.

    I SAID you're a competing source, didn't you hear me? Stretch, if nothing else, I've always treated you with respect, so don't speak to me like I'm an imbicile.

    You have no idea what customers GETM attract. I think you would be surprised if you knew who some international customers actually are. IME, customers who most wish to remain anonymous, i.e., those with the most to lose, almost exclusively use international to avoid the potential risks mentioned above.

    You might also recall several highly respected Meso members were using GETM's products several months ago. Guess what? They're now running yours. Odd, ain't it?

    That said, limiting your services to invite only is a clever marketing ploy and judging by the buzz on Meso, it is definately working. The noobs are lining up in droves hoping they'll be lucky enough to be accepted as a customer. Back in the real world, by your own admission, you're going to eventually accept orders from the public. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to think that will include GETM's potential customers.

    Just not when you were peddling SF though, right?

    If it's not about lining your pockets then what the hell is it? An altruistic desire to supply the world with gear?

    Whatever your true motives are, save the "NOT about lining my pockets" line. Even if true, it sounds disengenous.

    No shit! You've had a problem with GETM since day one. Don't bother to deny it, it's more than obvious in your posts.

    I'm not sure why you think embracing a conflict of interest with open arms is in your best interests, but what the hell, whatever blows your hair back.

    See above.

    Right back at you, amigo.